Now the real terror begins…

Good morning. I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween yesterday. I seem to be making the act of getting a migraine on Sundays a sort of ritual as I developed another one yesterday which kept me from turning on my PC until just before bed time to check my email. Anne thinks it’s caffeine withdrawal as we’ve not had any pop in the house for the past couple of weekends and I’ve not been drinking coffee at home, which is a good possibility. So I stayed home in the dark in bed while Anne and Courtney went out to the in-law’s so Court could go trick-or-treating with her cousin Aaron. Aaron is still very young so they didn’t hit a lot of houses in the neighborhood, but Grandpa Aral made sure Courtney’s bag of candy was rounded out pretty well before she came home. Of course, Courtney rarely leaves Grandpa’s house without having plenty of candy in her pockets anyway so it’s not like she needs to spend too much time trick-or-treating.

So we have one day’s breath between a night of spooky fun till tomorrow’s day of stress as we head off to the polls to cast our votes for President, among other things. Depending on how things go tomorrow night may prove to be the real night of horrors. By all accounts the election could go either way and there’s a pretty good chance that it’ll end up in the courts again before it’s all said and done. Anne and I will be casting our ballots early seeing as all three automotive companies give their employees election day off. If nothing else, it’ll be nice to have all these damned political ads showing up on my telephone answering machine come to an end. Anne’s status as a registered Republican did bring one temptation with it. We got a call offering us tickets to Vice President Cheney’s visit to the area and I had a momentary thought of applying for them and then showing up in my WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE t-shirt, but I can’t really afford the expense of a ticket and possibly being charged with a criminal offense at this point. I have two cars that need repairs done badly that I don’t know how I’m going to pay for at this point so I managed to resist that temptation.

So did you guys have anything interesting happen over Halloween?

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  1. President Kerry Anyone?

    Had lots of trick o’ treaters here. And so many rude ones. We gave out the good stuff and every other kid gave looks of disatisfaction and openly complained… “We only get one?” Or, “Give me another!” Kids have certainly changed since my day.

  2. Your migraine could be due to no weekend caffeine; however, getting a migraine on the weekend is very common, according to my neurologist.  As in, our body fights all week to deal with the stress of work, etc., pumps up the endorphines and once we can relax on the weekends, all systems fail us.  Looking back over 30 years of migraine diaries, etc., I think there may be something to that theory.  Fortunately, I’ve been put on a drug therapy that, while pretty radical to some thinking, has kept me out of the emergency room for the last year.

  3. Seems rude trick-or-treaters are becoming more common. The Detroit News had an article about that issue as well. Makes me wish I had a house so I could hand out candy (apartments don’t seem popular with the kids) as I’d love to see some of these kids try to be rude with me. grin

  4. My brother sprays the rude ones with a garden hose.

    As for interesting events…partying at Kent State with about 100 thousand other people was rather interesting. Made for long waits to get into bars, but some of the costumes were very amusing to say the least. Heat Miser, Sumo Wrestlers, lots and lots of scantily clad females running about.. people on stilts, police in riot gear… Fun for the whole family! (Literally, there were kids, teens, college kids, adults, and even grandparents running about, and people were quite openly intoxicated mind you.) The worst of it was that there were Jesus Freaks on one corner preaching the evils of Halloween and Hare Krishnas on the opposing corner chanting to the beat of their cymbals and drums. It was difficult to determine who was the most annoying. The Jesus Freaks got a wee bit annoyed when I asked if the “Invisible Superfriend in the Sky” was going to sprinkle his magic faerie dust all over the world and end poverty, bigotry, hunger and war and a million and one other problems (like maybe sending me some cash to pay off these god awful student loans)…

  5. No rude kids while I was doling out carbs, not even the high school boys.  Although I try to avoid confusion by handing it out myself, and in a small, amorphous handful so that they don’t have time to see/comment on what they’re getting, just that they know it’s more than one piece.

    Elwed took our older girl trick-or-treating and both of them made out like bandits—she came home with a big bag of candy and he came home with a beer and a jello shot. 

    I would also like to mention that at a pumpkin-carving party, Elwed carved the scariest thing he could think of:  the words “BUSH ‘04.” 😀

  6. Les- If you’re a real coffeeholic (as I am), then abstinence could easily bring on a migraine, I imagine- I don’t get them, I hardly ever have headaches at all, but a morning without my fix brings on an afternoon headache.

    We didn’t get any trick-or-treaters at all, but Halloween is just getting a foothold here in Vienna. Friends here who were visited also remarked on the greediness and impoliteness of the kids.  I suspect it’s worldwide- being cool.  Luckily, it’s not universal or incurable.

    The best thing that happened to me this Halloween was hearing from my uncle Bob.  He’s eighty, a lifelong Republican and NRA member, with whom I had countless arguments about the Vietnam War.  He’s voting for Kerry.  Why?  “Because if brains were dynamite, Bush wouldn’t be able to blow his nose”.  We’re holding our thumbs for tomorrow (Austrian for crossing our fingers).  If Bush is elected (or appointed, like before), we expect lots of visitors.

  7. Heh, me and my friends went Halloween caroling. We just rang peoples doorbells, took out our sheet music and sang fun Christmas carols. To quote some of the people who saw and heard us, “You ruined Halloween”- A girl dressed as a fairy. Heh, now we wait till Christmas to go Trick-O-Treatng.

  8. We had a Halloween party here and there were some amazing costumes!  One friend went as a voting ballot, another as a hick with a fake Bush ‘04 tattoo on his arm.  There were robots, the Cure, Catwoman, a forklift, Sex and the City, fairies, a swan, an aboriginee, a chicken, Dr. Love…it just goes on and on.  Magnificent!  Of course, I was very proud of my Trinity costume.  smile
    I love Halloween!
    Pics will be up tomorrow morning on my blog if anyone wants to browse…

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