N.H. Couple Deserves to be Beaten and Left Bleeding In The Moonlight

I was looking through fark.com when I picked this up and I felt like sharing.

A New Hampshire woman and her boyfriend were in jail yesterday on charges they forced their way into a Rochester church in a bizarre attempt to sacrifice her three children on the altar.

“Eighteen years I’ve been doing this,” police Lt. Paul Callaghan said yesterday, “and I’ve never come across anything like it.”

Police received a 911 call shortly before 3 p.m. Wednesday from the staff at St. Mary’s Church on Lowell Street, where Nicole Mancini, 29, of Farmington and John Thurber, 35, of Rochester took the three boys, Callaghan said.

Mancini and the two youngest, ages 2 and 7, were in their pajamas, he said, and she was “kind of delusional… The church staff told us she wanted to sacrifice the middle child by 3 o’clock.”

Detectives later found out the couple ultimately planned to sacrifice all three children, and already had gone to a Farmington church with that intent but had been unable to get in, Callaghan said.

No weapon was found, he said, and police are investigating the motive.

The three children were turned over to the Department of Children, Youth and Families, and remained in state custody yesterday. The couple were arrested without incident, and each was charged with three counts of endangering the welfare of a child. Thurber, the 2-year-old’s father, also was charged with marijuana possession.

Courtesy of Fark.com and the Boston Herald.

27 thoughts on “N.H. Couple Deserves to be Beaten and Left Bleeding In The Moonlight

  1. I added it to give a bit of humor to the title to undermine the fact that I am shaken by just how angry I was when I read the article. I was angered by the fact that, although I am a reasonable man, I would be willing to take the life of these two ass-clowns at the drop of a hat. Not only that, but I don’t think I would regret it one bit.

  2. No doubt the fuzz will put it all down to dope usage and not crazy religious fervor.Weed makes ya crazy,dont ya know?

  3. I’m sorry but my comment was meant to reflect that they deserved beating and bleeding but that we shouldn’t wait for the sun to go down if we could away with it in daylifgt.

  4. Well, of course, but nothing is quite as refreshing as a cool evening, beautifully lit by moonlight, to give someone a well-deserved beating. wink

  5. This looks like discrimination. When Abraham did that God blessed him and said, “And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou has obeyed my voice.” (Gen 22:18) And didn’t the Aztecs offer up human sacrifice? Everyone knows that all native Americans were a spiritual people very close to the earth. Why is everybody picking on this couple – just because they are WASP?  wink

  6. Makes my blood boil too.  Their lawyer apparently was trying to say that “it’s not like they tied the kids to the alter, & there’s no blood.”  Typical amoral opportunist public defender.
    http://www.foxnews.com/printer_friendly_story/0,3566,138489,00.html  http://www.thewmurchannel.com/news/3910183/detail.html

    I wonder why they picked that church?  Not that psychos think logically, but wouldn’t you pick a Protestant denomination whre there’s not 24/7 staff to stop you?

    It really pisses me off to think Muslim parents are doing that everyday to thier children on the West Bank.  Thank God Arafat & Saddam aren’t around to offer them money for it anymore.

    leguru, have you read Kierkegaard’s “Fear & Trembling?”  I think that’s the problem with the Muslim faith: Muhamed misinterpret that passage to mean that Allah really wanted Abraham to kill Isaac so there’d be no Israel, & Ishmael could inherit it all.  Kierkegaard interprets it pretty well.

  7. Hmm can you threaten children with, “If you aren’t good we will sacrifice you to our god.”  Keep a bloody looking dagger on the mantle?

  8. Ellie,
    I haven’t read Kierkegaard, yet, but look forward to so doing. There is another really good book: The Trouble With Islam, by Irshad Manji. It is a Muslim’s call for reform in her faith.
    Are you saying sacrifice is a bad thing? big surprise

  9. Are you saying sacrifice is a bad thing?

    I know you weren’t even a little serious, but no, I’m not saying that.  Parents sacrifice time & money for children everyday. Thank goodness soldiers & policemen sacrifice their lives for me.  Barring the only perfect person to ever live, all other sacrifice to any diety is worthless. A sacrifice that also includes murdering others like kamikazis or the Muslims in the middle east isn’t just bad, it’s evil, & not in the cute sense.

  10. I agree with Frumpa – somebody is gonna’ blame it on the weed.  Don’t forget – “Reefer Madness” is still looked upon as a documentary.

  11. I saw Reefer Madness recently, in fact I was crazy enough to buy it on DVD (probably as a result of all those brain cells killed by overindulgence), and I gotta say, it says it like it is.

    I know that when I toke up, the first thing I feel like doing (after voting Democratic) is to sacrifice some little kids.  But usually commom sense kicks in (or is it just coming down from this crappy weed), and I remember RR’s sage advice- Just Say No.  Ol’ Ronnie was a lot smarter than he sounded- you can build your whole life around his advice.

  12. So far neither the 5-year-old nor the 3-month-old are buying it.

    Try telling them there is a guy named St. Nick aka Santa, who will sacrifice them to his god if they are naughty or give them free stuff if they’re good. I bet that’ll work. Kids will believe anything that includes possible plunder.

  13. Good advice, Brock.  My kids still go for that “possible plunder” line and they’re 14 and 16.  In fact, my son, when about twelve, drew a nice picture of Jolly St. Nick saying “Ho, ho ho!” and brandishing a machine gun.  I had it up in the workshop for a while, but was afraid it might spook some customers, so I replaced it with a pic of two dinosaurs copulating, which everyone likes.

  14. I may have related this before, but I know someone who, when his kids were asked if they were going to go see Santa Claus at the mall, replied, “He’s not one of our gods.”

  15. GeekMom- Priceless.  And Brock- thanks. You’re a keeper, too.  But just how do you know I’m not a dudette?

  16. OK, great! Now we need a gender neutral term for dude, but I thought that was an interchangeable one too: As in “Dude, are you pregnant again?”


    Then I give up for assuming Zilch is a guy’s name. Sorry, ma’am.

  17. Just kidding- I am a man, although I only have a wimpy electric chainsaw.  Maybe I’d better just say I’m an XY.

  18. You might be thinking, “Good, now the poor kids have escaped death and their crazy parents and will hopefully end up in a happier family situation.”  But wait a minute.  God was expecting a nice little sacrifice, and now he’s not gonna get one!  It’s not nice to promise God dead children and then have to deal fall through.  God’s gonna be really pissed now.  Now somebody will have to toss a virgin into a volcano or all hell’s gonna break loose. 
    Hey, anyody know where we could get a virgin?

  19. My husband was looking around and found this site. I know it’s really OLD news but the internet has no age and people can still find this so I have to update this story.
    First off I know this woman VERY well and the media really ran with this one (like they do on everything) Good news= no news, so the worse they make it out to be, the bigger the sales! She had had a mental breakdown. People around her watched her deteriorate for two weeks and said and did nothing. She said A LOT of bizzar things in those two weeks and acted bizzar also but everyone just sat and watched. Her doctors had her on percocet (over 100 a month), muscle relaxers and anti-depressents. Her Mother (that was her BEST FRIEND) had just passed from cancer and she snapped.
    That day when she went to church it was not her idea. It was her panicked boyfriend who first went to a church because a cop was behind them and he had no license. And they pulled into the cemetary never the church. They went to the second church because Nicole had threatened to jump out of the car if her boyfriend tried to bring her to a hospital. So he thought if he brought her there he could get her help without her knowing. She walked into the office, he went looking for help. She said she needed to use the alter because she needed to sacrafice the weakest one by three o’clock. She then walked out of the office and sat under the Jesus statue and asked for him to bring her home. So you see she never touched her children nor did she say the weakest one was a child at all. She simply said a crazy thing (since at the time she was) and it got blown WAY out of proportion. She was treated and released and now lives with her three perfect, happy, healthy boys. She is a wonderful mother. She had a breakdown and is now mentally back to normal. Her home is happy and fun. There is always laughter and kindness. She knows what she could have lost and for a short time did lose. She lives with the guilt of that one sentence everyday and is SO thankful for having her family back! She loves her children and would NEVER harm them! She made a stupid comment that cost her and her kids a lot of heartache! And it was just a stupid comment that the media turned into this big tado. She never hurt them! And she didn’t touch them the entire time she was in there. She NEVER intended on sacraficing her children! When she said she saw dead people everywhere does it mean that she really did? NO! And she didn’t mean it when she said she needed the alter!  She was brought to a church and the words popped in her head and she said it out loud, plain and simple. PLEASE take ALL news that you read and hear with a BIG grain of salt! PLEASE!! Thank you for reading. Take Care.

  20. Not that psychos think logically, but wouldn’t you pick a Protestant denomination whre there’s not 24/7 staff to stop you?

    Protestant churches are typically locked when they are not occupied. 

    Maybe they thought that a church that used to look the other way when children were abused by priests wouldn’t object to a child sacrifice.  Roman catholic churches prominently display crucifixes, which depict a human sacrifice.  None of the protestant churches that I have been to displayed icons that depicted a human sacrifice.  Yeah, I know, the roman catholic church doesn’t ritually sacrifice humans.

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