My appearance on “The National.”

We’re back and it’s about three minutes before the show is due to air, but there’s a half-hour of news before they get to the special they filmed this evening. It was an interesting evening that was enjoyable, educational, and stunningly frustrating all at the same time. I was able to get in one comment early in the program and I’m not entirely happy with it. I got caught a little off-guard and I didn’t end my thoughts as cleanly as I had hoped, but I received several compliments for having made my point after the taping was completed and the producers actually went out of their way to get me up to speak. I wish I could have waited till later as there were several comments by the American conservatives present that had me biting my tongue to keep from bursting out with a “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT YOU COMPLETE AND UTTER MORON?!?” type statement. There were some big name conservative types from Michigan there that I recognized—including asshat Gary Glenn of the American Family Association of Michigan who led the call for Michigan’s Gay Marriage Amendment—and they were busy networking like you wouldn’t believe before the start of the taping. Another moron tried to paint the war in Iraq as being the same as World War II and that’s a real sore point with me and there was at least one Canadian conservative who repeated the same myth of America being founded as a Christian nation.

Good thing I shaved my head otherwise I would’ve been yanking my hair out in clumps. The conservatives were shoveling the same bullshit myths that they always do and all I could do was sit there and shake my head in frustration. The one hour they had scheduled for this wasn’t anywhere near enough and there were a number of speakers on both sides that never got a chance to pipe in. I think I was one of two liberal voices on the American side, the other being a professor at Wayne State University, and if you were to judge us by this show you’d think America was 80% conservatives to liberals. This is pretty amusing considering the producer was telling me they were having a hard time finding conservatives to be on the show. I’m assuming she meant Canadian conservatives because there wasn’t any shortage of them on the American side. Still, several folks seemed pleased that I showed up and spoke up and I was happy to have participated. Hopefully I didn’t come across as too big of a moron myself, but we’ll see in about 10 minutes or so.

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  1. I’ve basically stopped watching the news because of those morons but I’m looking forward to watching your “spot”. Congrat’s!

  2. There was a live coverage on the Newsworld channel, but I missed your appearance by about 10 seconds. So I just finished watching the begining on CBC. In my opinion you were well spoken.

  3. Yeah, I was glad that Physician from Windsor pointed out that the attack on Iraq had not been retalitive or sanctioned by the UN.

    Not that the majority of Americans really care what the UN has to say.

  4. Hey Les, what did you manage to say and what responses did you get?  (I’m too impatient to wait for the video to be posted on the web)

  5. Woot!  I saw it.  Taped it, too.

    Les, you were fine.  You seemed to trip over your words at the end a bit, but nothing too bad.  They should have let you talk more, though.  It’s good to hear someone who makes sense.

  6. James, I basically made a point about how ironic it is that I’m constantly told by conservatives that if I don’t like the way the country is headed that I should just “get the hell out” and yet we had a couple of conservatives berate the folks who were doing just that for “abandoning their country,” but that I’d be sticking around to try and bring about change to a better direction. No one really responded to my comment on air.

    Sam, I so, so, so wanted to speak up more near the end. Especially when that idiot from Oak Park tried to equate Iraq with World War II. And that lady they had on satellite at the end claiming the U.S. and Canada were founded as Christian nations was heavily edited as the host couldn’t get her to shut the hell up and they were running out of time.

    TeRRoRan, thanks for posting the links.

    Etan, I know. Surprising, isn’t it? I sound way funky on TV though. I’m proud of the fact that I managed to get the only swear word in during the entire broadcast too!

  7. I just watched it online and thought you were fine too, Les. It’s funny too because several minutes before you spoke I was thinking the same thing you mentioned. That was that they tell us to get the hell out if we don’t like it then give us hell for going.

    The cut to the blond-headed woman was funny though because she had a visible reaction to you saying hell. And the man beside her looked annoyed. Or was it because your point was so affecting, I’m not sure. You should have had longer to speak and I’m sorry you had to sit quietly while idiots spoke. It would have impossible for me to do that.

    Good program though and I’m glad you got to be a part of it.

  8. I’m watching the show now – you did fine Les.
    It has got to be frustrating when you have a hundred things to say but you only get 30 seconds.

    PS. I skipped over the morons, I’ve had enough them!

  9. You were great Les.  It really is a shame that so little time was devoted to this segment.  It would have been interesting to see a longer version in a ‘point’, ‘counter-point’ round table discussion.

    I tried to view the segment from a international perspective and really felt a sense of embarrassment.  How can so many people that live in this country know so little about it, and so much of what they do know is based on hearsay.

  10. Les,

    The part that amused me the most was when the lady was talking about how Canada and the US were both founded on Christian principles and schools were to teach us how to read so that we could read the bible (or something to that effect).  There was a moment when you were on the bottom right hand corner of the screen shaking your head with a “what the Hell is this idiot talking about” look on your face.  It was priceless.

  11. Well, you should know that until the last 20 years, Canada had more overt governmental laws regarding religion. For example, there was this big case relating to a company suing for the right to open their shops on Sunday. But the shops in Halifax are still not allowed to open on Sunday and a referendum was held recently and the people rejected work on Sunday. Furthermore, the Canadian Charter, the same Charter that was enacted in 1982 that helped legalised marriage, have this phrase right at the start “Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God.”

    But the thing that people often miss is this. The obsession over whether the country was founded as a Christian nation or not. In my opinion that does not really matter. It may matter to history but in modern day practice that does not matter. An analogy, it is like the company 3M, which was founded as a mining company but is now obviously not a mining company. Just as company’s business change overtime so does society.

    The reason for looking at the ‘founding intent’ by the religious conservative in my opinion can be explained quite simply.

    The difference in Canada is that the centre of power is the liberal Ontario province. That province alone will win you the election. And hence the conservative west does not really play too big a role.

    Les, so when you were in Canada did you discover the secret reason why more Canadians are ok with homosexuality? Well, the answer is in the super market. They sell bags and cartons of Homos. hehe. Hey after all if you are willing to swallow something that is white (generally) from a carton label homo…

  12. Well lacking Realplayer on this computer I have yet to see the clip and will get around to it as soon as I get home.

    Also, it sounds as if the producers liked having you there, so keep listening for that next phone call.

  13. Just get something called Real Alternative. Lets you play RealPlayer format files in other media programs without having to install the Real Player. Looking forward to watching your segment Les!

  14. Ooh I hope you know that I am going through the trouble of installing the mega-evil Real Player just to see you smack down some conservatives Les.

  15. I also left a comment on a post linking to this one…

    I have sent in a request to see if the company still has a copy. I will update when I hear back from them.

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