It’s A Mostly Blue World

Another perspective:


If we’re going to look at the election in red and blue terms, it’s a mostly blue world.

23 thoughts on “It’s A Mostly Blue World

  1. Er, didn’t the Aussies just vote in their own version of Bush?
    What’s that little red enclave in South America? Isn’t that the place where all the Nazi’s fled after WW2?
    And, um, I see Israel is blue. Shome mishtake shurely?

  2. I think Australia should definitely be red – as bryan mentioned, we just relected John Howard for a third term.  This is the man whose policies include:

    – locking up refugees in what are effectively concentration camps in the desert for periods of up to 7 years with the argument that they are ‘illegal immigrants’ who should have politely waited in the refugee camps, starving to death, until his government invited them to Australia.
    – refusing to apologise to indigenous Australians for the government policy of removing indigenous children from their families between 1920 and the early 1970s,
    – drafting and passing legislation banning gay marriage without engaging in any political or community debate
    – involving Australian troops in Afghanistan and Iraq, again, without any political debate in parliament.

    I don’t think the USA is the only Western country currently undergoing a right-wing transformation!!  As much as I hate to say it, red is definitely the colour down under at the moment.

  3. Typical democrate,spreading disinformation as you go.People like you are the reason people like me voted king bush in for 4 more years..get on your knees slave!

  4. I think Australia should definitely be red

    Actually, several surveys by various newspapers found that, on average, only 30% of Liberal supporters would vote for Bush, and a negligible percentage of non-Liberal voters. So even the conservative figure of 15-25% of the national voting population is a pretty convincing landslide loss.

  5. What’s that little red enclave in South America? Isn’t that the place where all the Nazi’s fled after WW2?
    And, um, I see Israel is blue. Shome mishtake shurely?

    I think you’re thinking of Argentina. And I wasn’t aware that Uruguay had entered the Presidential fray.

    And Israel is red. You’ve just gotta squint and put your face really close to the screen.

  6. I am glad i visited your site, i needed something stupid and funny to laugh at before i went off to bed.

    Your completely a fool…and biased beyond the pale.

  7. The other day I was watching foreign post-election coverage on C-Span 2 and saw a report from a French news program.  One of the commentators suggested that the various governments of Europe were actually pleased with the outcome of the election because it enabled them to keep from having to send their troops to Iraq and incurring their citizens wrath.

    So, I guess that’s a silver lining as far as they are concerned.

  8. Need more areas that are gray as in they really don’t care for or about either party or are even aware of the situation.

  9. I know the map is just a joke. But to be more accurate, Iran should also be Red. The Iran Supreme Council endorses Bush simply because they cannot stand the Democrats. First they had Carter and the hostage crisis, then they had Clinton presuring them on Human rights. But Reagan helped supply them with weapons (Irangate), Bush Snr helped kick their arch nemesis Iraq and Bush Jnr helped finish off the job.

    China should also be red. Did you notice something really interesting. For the first time in any elections there was no China bashing.

  10. Ya know, if the rest of the world had it there way they would probably resurrect Stalin or Pol Pot to run this country.. Fuck em

  11. It’s comforting to know that it’s a blue world. Atl least it has some fucking sense. “Land of the Free” my ass. More like “Land of the Ignorant Inbred Christian Nutcases.”

  12. Fuck the rest of the world.  How many of those ‘blue’ countries truely have freedom.  I see China is blue, North Korea, most of the middle east, all of Africa.  How many of those countries are communist, dictatorships, just plain corrupt?  The US is made up of people from all over the world seeking freedom and success that they could never achieve in their native countries.  The day the US starts looking at the rest of the world for acceptance is the day we lose our spot as the most powerful country on earth.

  13. The day the US starts looking at the rest of the world for acceptance is the day we lose our spot as the most powerful country on earth.

    Thank you, Chad, for illustrating my point so vividly.

  14. Ahh, hell, the comment I posted earlier this week didn’t…

    Anyway…  If my aunt had balls, she’d be my uncle.

    Brock, thinking the way everyone else does has led to wonderful common beliefs, past and present, such as “The world is flat,” “The sun and stars revolve around the earth,” and “There is a divine being that wants you to be good to others\behead infidels\make war for oil…”  you get the idea.  Anyway, it usually took just a person, or a small group of persons, to change an entire world view.

    Now, is Bush a visionary?  Um, NO.  However, just because it’s “a blue planet” doesn’t mean they’re right and 51% of the US is wrong.

  15. I posted this map for three reasons.

    1) To demonstrate that we should not look at things in red and blue terms (or black and white ones) because doing that skews the answers.

    2)The map is supposed to represent how individuals of the other countries voted in opinion polls concerning who they hoped would win the election and/or how they currently feel about the Iraq invasion. Also, official backing of whichever candidate was considered.

    3)Those of us who lost our goal (the election of Kerry as president) wanted to believe the world was as blue (depressed) as we were about it.

    Popular opinion eventually helped to inform others that the world was round also. If you want to know the correct answer to a question, it often depends on when you enter the debate.

  16. Uruguay had a few Nazi retirees as well. My father had a few ‘close calls’ there with people getting a little too enthusiastic about him being a German. Some people apparently still think we should be admired for Hitler.

    But heck, they just elected a leftist President, so its not all it’s cracked up to be.

  17. That is exactly why the world is the shape it is in! 

            Too much BLUE!


        Happy Holidays!

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