In retrospect I shouldn’t have been so polite.

Having slept on it I have to admit that I’m not as happy with my appearance on The National last night as I was initially. In particular, I’m somewhat upset with myself for not having interrupted the Oak Park Conservative who tried to equate Iraq with World War II. As soon as the suggestion that Iraq should be considered similar to WWII escaped his lips I should have stood up and said, “You have GOT to be kidding me.” And then let loose on his stupid ass. Having sat passively while this moron spewed this favorite myth of the far right troubled me more than I expected as my dreams all night long were on how I should have responded to him. Over and over again my head played back that moment while I slept and each time my subconscious would tweak my soliloquy until it had it perfected.

The whole Iraq equals WWII bullshit is one of the more grating arguments in support of Bush’s little war that I’ve ever heard and it’s always a sore point with me whenever I hear it. Anne even knows how much it bugs me and she tensed up when she heard this moron spewing the same crap in anticipation of my coming outburst, and she would’ve been nothing but supportive if I had spoken up. She told me on the way home that she so wanted me to be able to counter that argument because it bugs the hell out of her as well.

Instead, I was polite and limited my protest to a shaking of my head that left my brain rattling so hard that I swear it must have been audible. I missed my opportunity to rightfully point out how idiotic that argument really is and show that not every American is so ignorant of his country’s history that he swallows the implications of an administration that is only too happy to allow such nonsense to pass as truth in a desperate attempt to justify a decision to go to war on completely false pretenses. I should have pointed out that there was no question as to the origin of the planes that attacked Pearl Harbor or what country was behind the attack whereas on 9/11 we were attacked by our own planes and not a single Iraqi was involved at all. I should have pointed out that Japan and Germany were a much graver and immediate threat to our future back then than Iraq could ever have hoped to be now or in the future. I should have pointed out that people lined up back then to volunteer to go fight that war whereas now the Army is worried that they’re going to see a significant drop in reenlistments as a result of the war in Iraq. I definitely should have pointed out that we didn’t throw the first punch in WWII and we did in Iraq. There was no question among the rest of the free world that our involvement was not only the right thing to do, but justified and warranted by the actions of the countries we went to war against whereas the greater majority of the world was opposed to our invasion of Iraq.

There is nothing at all similar between the Iraq War and World War II and trying to claim that there is should be considered a slap in the face to everyone who fought in WWII.

I was angry last night when I heard this same tired argument trotted out again and I’m even angrier about it this morning. Particularly with myself for not having the presence of mind to speak up and be rude at a time when it was most warranted. Certainly there were other comments last night that made me want to speak up, but none bothered me as much as this one. It’s a sorer spot than even I realized and I’m just sorry I wasn’t able to say what needed to be, and should have been, said.

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  1. Hey, somebody had a pretty good post to address grey’s question.  “what do you suppose we did that makes them feel this way?” 

    I know, because I saw it when I previewed my own stupid little post, which was going to make a joke about “infection” and “salad bars,” and politely invite grey not to go around ‘expressing’ that infection.

  2. i never claimed it to be fact.  i openly stated that it could be misleading, as whith anything you read on the internet or see on t.v.  until i see it for myself in person, i won’t 100% believe it to be true.

    Oy! So you readily admit that your “talking points” are either fictional or intentional fabrications, yet you expect us to take you seriously and debate you!?

  3. It probably wouldn’t have hurt to also find out why terrorist are targeting the USA.

    Osama has been saying for years that his organization is going up against the USA because of:
    1) The US having troops in Saudi Arabia and supporting the corrupt Saudi royal family.
    2) The US support for (and forced installation of) corrupt dictators in the Middle East (including, but not limited to, Saddam, Bashir al-Assad, and Hosni Mubarak.)
    3) The US’s biased, one-sided support for Israel in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict and the continued injustices against the Palestinian people.

    I find it fairly difficult to argue with points one and two, even if I do not support the kind of state that he would seek to create if all those corrupt powers were removed. The third (and it is highly debatable whether or not Osama really supports the Palestinian cause or is just using the rhetoric to gain support from the masses; there are, after all, no REAL al-Qaeda cells in Palestine) depends on him giving a far more detailed statement on his position. If his is a proponent of the two state solution (which I seriously doubt) then even point number three is not without merit.

    Osama’s demands mirror many of the wishes of the Arab people. The only thing that bastard has managed to do by using terrorism is to delegitimize anyone who makes the same requests he does. In light of Osama’s demands and the history of US involvement in the Middle East, I spend most days shaking my head wondering if US foreign policy is perhaps set using a Magic 8-Ball.

    Most of the nasty things Saddam did, the US gave either overt or covert support for when the events occurred. If Iran is next on the list to be “Shocked and Awed” I’ll bet anything that the 79 revolution against the Shah and the hostage crisis will be drudged up again by the White House and the press. Even though the 79 revolution would not have been necessary if the CIA wouldn’t have planned the overthrow of Mossadeq and the secular liberal government that was founded after the 51-53 nationalist revolution against Iran’s Shah. Twenty-five years of a brutal dictator that made Saddam look like a light weight, it is no wonder the Iranians took US hostages when the Shah fled to the US in 79 (not that it is ever right to take hostages) they were fearing that the CIA would put the Shah back on his throne yet again.

  4. No shmendrik, I said Lexis Nexis and ProQuest not “the Internet.” You know scholarly sources that a peer reviewed, not Nothing out there verifies much of the you spout at least something verfies what the rest of us are saying.

  5. Well I really messed up the spelling/grammar on that post. No more arguing with a nebish that lives in a fantasy-based reality for today.

  6. Wow were did this post go it started as a self critical examination of a television appearace and morphed into what? Parody, ironic display of bombast, or follow the yellow brink road ha-ha!
    Les you did what you did and that was all you could do at that particular moment in time. You reflected on your preformance, and learned and grew. That is what separates us from the those on the right who remain steadfast in one particular belief even when it is no longer a viable response to the reality of the moment. I am honored that you allow me to post on your site. I may be the eldar, but your ability with the written word is awesome, I doff my hat in your general direction!

  7. And now for something competely different, RANT WARNING!!! Any consrvative worth his salt would die before equating the perversion going on in Iraq with the why and the way of World War 2. A TRUE conservative would rather commit suicide that to gut our personal freedoms. Its is easy to rationalise war when you have no personal investment in the execution of said war. To the neo’s who are sacrificing our men and women and future saftey and treasury for nothing but oil a big FUCK YOU VERY MUCH. And guess what you don’t get the oil anyway!!

  8. Larkinsjapn, dude, I’m not that amazing. I’m really quite boring in real life. Just ask my wife. wink But thank you just the same for the compliments.

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