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This is just to get off the subject of the election for a bit. When I ran Defrag yesterday, I noticed that it has been re-wickered with SP2. The changes appear to go beyond the user interface, which now shows a before and after picture of file fregmentation – the “after” status updates during execution. Defrag no longer operates to make all of the moveable files contiguous and the frequent annoying partial restarts no longer occur (or at least appear not to occur). I can’t really confirm it, but I think the new version is a little faster.

5 thoughts on “Improved Defrag

  1. Hasn’t it always shown the before and after? I coincidentally just defragged today and looked the same to me. Although I did notice it didn’t try to make everything contiguous which kind of disappointed me I like to come back after lunch/class and see a nice blue bar followed by a lot of white space.

  2. ive been using o&o defrag for years and i love it.
    much more informative ui and can be set up to auto-defrag at a certain percentage (although i rarely let my computer auto-anything). i think there is also an older free version floating around somewhere.

  3. Has’t it always shown the before and after?

    It could well be that I wasn’t familiar with all of the features of the pre-SP2 version of Defrag, but Tuesday was the first time I saw this user interface. The view that I always saw provided a more detailed look at the disk space. One could see clusters being selected and then moved. The updating and the final status were visible, but the before status was lost.

  4. I upgraded to SP2 a while back; when I run defrag and click Help -> About Disk Defragmenter it says “Version 1.0” and “(c) 2001”.  Please do the same on your SP2 machine and if its different, post the results…

  5. Interesting – I have the same version, but I see no way to revert to the user interface that I saw before installing SP2.

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