I may be on Canadian television come Monday.

Details still have to be finalized, but I may be making an appearance on CBC Television’s news program The National this coming Monday. President Bush will be visiting Canada next week so the CBC wants to do a show in advance that explores the relationship between Canada and America in the post-election period. The producer who contacted me says they’ll be using a town-hall style format for debate and discussion between Canadian and Americans of all political stripes. Apparently the producer has spent some time looking through SEB and thought I’d make a good participant for the American side. I was both flattered and amused when I read the reasoning behind my invitation:

    I think you have a unique perspective on a lot of the issues we’d touch on, and I have a hunch you’d be pretty engaging in a live talk format.

I think that’s the nicest thing anyone has said about me in awhile. grin

Anyway, if I didn’t just spoil my opportunity by blogging about it then I’ll be contacting them tomorrow to find out more about what’s involved and to confirm my interest in participating. The event itself is to take place at 6:30PM on Monday the 29th and I have no idea if it’ll be a live broadcast or something they’re taping for broadcast later, but as soon as I know I’ll post an update. So if you live in Canada, or near enough to pick up the CBC, and you’re curious to see what I look and sound like in real life then you’ll want to tune in when the show airs. I promise to take it seriously and not wear my “what the fuck is wrong with you people” t-shirt on the show no matter how amusing the idea is to me. I imagine they’ll have some sort of dress code anyway.

But there is one issue I must decide upon before Monday. Do I shave my head or not? I’m currently sporting hair on top of my head at the moment and it’s at that almost-not-quite-crappy-looking stage depending on the weather and the alignment of the planets.

32 thoughts on “I may be on Canadian television come Monday.

  1. I think you should wear your t-shirt under a nice conservative suit.  wink  I’d love to see this, but I’m not in Canada.  Durn it.

  2. Damn—I was going to urge the hat, too.  grin

    I’d go ahead and shave the head.  Optimize the appearance, and maybe get some folks wondering if you’re really a Hippy Radical Commie or a Reactionary Skinhead Yahoo.  At least until you open your mouth.

    Alas, I don’t get CBC here.  Give ‘em—er, a simulacrum of a mythological retributionary afterlife!

  3. Damn, I forgot to mention that I’d like to see you with hair, Les.

    Is it wrong for me to want that?

  4. I’d like you to carry a big black Holy Bible to the show.  And, whenever you speak, hold it up high in your right hand and wave it around just for emphasis.

    That should utterly confuse all the christo-fascists.

  5. Not bad! And next in line to “This Hour Has 22-Minutes”, and “Air Farce”, the National is a pretty respected news show in Canada. I’ll be watching.

  6. Great can’t wait.  My wife and I look forward to it.  I am very curious to see how it will go down.  I expect some heckling for Bush when he adresses Parliament he’s not very popular with some MP’s.

  7. That is great Les. I’m sure you’ll represent the logical, thinking half of the US very well. I wonder who’ll stand in for the idiot half. Falwell?

  8. MY wife likes the Bible idea, good prop; but then shes a shit disturber when she gets the chance wink

  9. Do you think you’ll get some free advertising for your Blog?  It will be interesting to see who turns up here the week after….

  10. I vote for the chrome dome.  That’s always how I picture you, anyway, and you do look iconoclastic that way. grin

  11. OK, I spent 45 minutes on the phone this morning speaking with the producer, Leslie Stojsic, almost making her late for a meeting in the process. We talked a little about my background and some of my views with regards to how I perceive Canada and how Americans seem to perceive Canada and what role religion played in the election and a bunch of other similar topics so she had an idea of where I’m coming from. It was a very enjoyable conversation and I’m looking forward to participating.

    They’re hoping to have an audience of around 50 or 60 people with 20 or 30 “key speakers” such as myself. She says they’re having some trouble finding Conservatives to be on the show, but she hopes to have a good mix of people from both sides of the debate along with some folks from the middle and a good number of Americans.

    I can say “pissed off” on Canadian TV, but I can’t wear my WTF shirt (though she loves the tag line), otherwise there’s no real dress code. I’ll shave my head so I can wear a hat in case the weather is bad and I’ll trim the beard up a bit while I’m at it. The show should run about two hours and I believe it will be broadcast live.

    Oh, and if I know of anyone who might want to participate either just as a member of the audience or as a key speaker that I should forward her contact info to them. Doubly so if they’re conservative. Daryl is the most conservative person I can think of that I know personally and I’ll probably ask him if he wants to go, but he’s in Boston so I doubt he’ll want to make the trip up to Windsor. Anne is going with me, but she’s just going to be a member of the audience and doesn’t plan on speaking.

    Otherwise, it’s definitely a go and I’m looking forward to being a part of it. If nothing else it should be educational and give me something to blog about.

  12. That’s great Les! Have you confirmed that the show will indeed be available at the link that Shelley mentioned above? I’d really like to watch it if it is.

    The shaved head is a definite plus. Give ‘em reality! wink

  13. The Hat…You have to wear the HAT rain/shine, hair/no hair. Bush, Politics and the meaning of that hat(beside the hysterical laughing it provoked). While sharing your wisdom with my husband and introducing him to my blog obsession -“click” pops the page – I lost it, I explained but I may have really scared him!

    Sad, show not available here.  I will await for a little bity video posted.  Doubt any lack of but. HAT ? resource http://www.ehow.com/how_5886_teach-children-meaning.html

    peace treaty, apology for violence, deprivation (healthcare?).  ummm.

  14. Post a reminder here Mon and I’ll remember to watch too.  Curse as much as you can while you can Les!

  15. Cool !
    Good luck !

    And most of all….HAVE FUN !.

    I will be watching tv “come monday” !!!

    Who knows, That may be the start of a new career for you. Imagine having your own tv show. You already have a good list of guests for a first season.

    It could be educational.
    It could be funny.
    It could be stupid evil bastard for tv.

  16. Just wanted to add my congrats to Les. I am new to SEB and so far I have really enjoyed this site.

    CBC is by far my favourite source for media, mainly radio1 but I also watch the National every once in a while (I will be sure to check it out next monday).

  17. I’m also new to posting on this site, though I have been reading SEB for about a year now.

    As yet another Canadian reader of SEB, I’ll be watching that show.

    I just have one thing to mention, though. I like the idea of you shaving your head for the show, but I’d also like to see what you look like with hair. As you can see, it’s quite the dilemma. Do you keep your signature look, or go with hair? Now THAT is a topic up for real debate.

  18. Live! I found a list of topics for The National for monday night on CBC’s program guide and sure enough the broadcast is listed for 10pm local nationwide.
      Have fun Les!

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