“Half-Life 2” has a stuttering problem.

If you’ve been losing yourself in the glory that is Half-Life 2 you’ve probably experienced the stuttering problem because just about everyone else has as well. I know I have. It happens usually immediately after a level loads and every so often as you move through a level and it causes not just the sound to stutter, but your frame rate to drop to around 4 or 5 per second for a couple of moments. Needless to say it really kills the immersion factor. It seems to occur at points where the auto-save feature kicks in and I was thinking it might be because I only have 512MB of RAM, but it turns out that it may actually be something to do with the loading of graphic textures into video memory.

That’s what the folks behind the The Half-Life 2 Stuttering Problem webpage are saying anyway. Valve has acknowledged the problem and is working to find a fix. Meanwhile there’s a few suggestions on how to minimize the problem over at that site, though none of those suggestions will completely cure the problem. It affects owners of both processors brands and video card brands and even hits people with 2GB of RAM in their systems so if it’s happening to you then you’re in good company. Hold tight and hopefully Valve will have a fix soon.

8 thoughts on ““Half-Life 2” has a stuttering problem.

  1. I noticed that the stuttering problem got worse on my machine (2.8 GHz, 1 Gb mem) as I progressed in the game.  Towards the end, whenever I hit F6 (quicksave) the game would rapidly stutter 4-5 times before resuming.  Sometimes the graphics would get very screwy until I moved a bit.  Now that I’m starting the game through again on ‘hard’ I see that the stuttering again is absent at the beginning of the game. 

    I really loved the game, although there are a few things I wish would have been done differently.  I’ll comment on these things further if Les opens up a Half-life 2 review page.

  2. It seems a very easy to fix problem. The developers should have the game paused during the autosave process. It seems to be rediculous to be saving a game while its active.

  3. The new Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines has the same stuttering problem. I think it might just be an unforseen quirk in the Source engine.

  4. We have the stuttering problem too, but in our case the framerate goes down from around 4-5 fps to about 4-5 spf.  Maybe it’s time to upgrade from a Pentium 2…

  5. LOL, I am running both on a machine with only 256 MB of RAM…the games run fine with little RAM if you know how to tweak them and your system…and this is on the medium settings 😀 But yeah, a PII definately calls for an upgrade smile

  6. And what do you understand as “tweaking” the game?
    Please explain, cuz iím going totaly malkavian ( inside joke) with the stuttering problem of bloodlines.

    I need a solution fast !!!

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