GTA: San Andreas and The Election

My copy of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas arrived today and the timing couldn’t have been better as it was my goal to ignore the election taking place as much as I possibly could. Anne and I got to sleep in today as I had the day off from work due to the election, but we were up and at the polls shortly after 11AM. The line for our district was practically nothing so it didn’t take long to get in, cast our votes, and get back out again. From there we picked up my and Courtney’s Adderall prescriptions from the clinic and then we headed over to Meijers to have the pharmacy fill them. They were pretty busy and it was going to take a half-hour so we wandered around the store for a bit. Being November 2nd they already had a good start on all the Christmas stuff and I’ve been feeling anticipation for the season building already so we wasted most of our time allowing me to drool over all the decorations I can’t afford to purchase right now. They had a plethora of those inflatable light up figures that have become so popular the last couple of years including one four-foot Christmas tree with lights that actually light up that would’ve been perfect for the balcony of our apartment. Time flies when you’re looking at stuff you can’t buy and before we knew it our prescriptions were ready so we grabbed them, a gallon of milk, and a couple of lotto tickets and headed home where I was pleased as punch to find that GTA had arrived.

I can sum up my experience with the game so far in one word: Wow! The amount of stuff they crammed into this game in terms of side-missions and mini-games is simply stunning. You can spend hours doing all manner of things without advancing the story line an inch. In your house you can sit and play old-school video games. Down the street in the bar you can play arcade machines or challenge someone to a game a pool including putting a wager on the outcome. You can go to the local gym and work out for awhile. You can jack various vehicles and take on side-missions including the classic police car, ambulance, and fire truck missions, but with even more options including pimp missions. You can go to the club and dance with a mini-game that’s a lot like those popular rhythm games such as Dance Dance Revolution. You can waste money on a haircut or tattoos or buy yourself some new clothes. The list goes on and on. I played the game for most of the afternoon and evening and I’ve barely scratched the surface on what you can do with it. Word has it that the mini-games grow in number as you reach other cities.

So that’s what I did all day rather than pay attention to how the election is going. Since I started writing this entry I’ve had a half-dozen people contact me via IM to tell me how sick they are with worrying about how the results appear to be going, but I’m doing OK by ignoring it all. As I said to them, the way I look at it is simple: I’ve put forth my arguments as to how things should be and I’ve done my duty in casting my vote and there really isn’t anything else I can do at the moment to change the outcome so there’s no point in making myself sick worrying about it. Rather than spend my day off making myself miserable, I spent it running a couple of errands and then playing my new game the rest of the day. Now I’m about to go to bed and I’ll sleep fine and in the morning maybe we’ll know who won. Regardless of how things turn out, though, I’ll keep moving forward and hope for the best.

With any luck I’ll wake up to find out I won the lottery and I’ll be too happy to let whatever goes on in the election upset me too much.

8 thoughts on “GTA: San Andreas and The Election

  1. Well, since I’m not a citizen of the USA and since my thoughts on the election have been well-documented elsewhere, I guess I’ll just wish you luck with the lottery, Les.

  2. someone came through last night and busted up the bush-cheney sign in my front yard, as well as those of my neighbors.  i guess they’re a little sore.

    i’ve heard people complain about how grand theft auto is a bad influence on kids.  the jury is still out on that.  i put that in the same category as ‘violent t.v. makes kids violent’.  the fact of the matter is that people who like violence or find it amusing seak it out.  it doesn’t convert otherwise ‘normal’ people.  i’d bet that for most people, what appeals about grand theft auto is the fact that you can do practically anything.  following a storyline can be fun, if it’s any good, but free reign over a cyber universe where the unexpected can happen is a lot of fun.

  3. someone came through last night and busted up the bush-cheney sign in my front yard, as well as those of my neighbors.  i guess they’re a little sore.

    I bet if you’d noticed Kerry signs “busted up” instead of Bush signs, you wouldn’t even have mentioned it.

    But to be fair, I probably would have mentioned “busted up” Kerry signs and not Bush ones.

    We’ve GOT to learn how to care about others’ issues and hurts or we’re headed for a 2nd Civil War.

  4. it seems that being anti-bush is the popular thing amoung high-schoolers and college students.  in all fairness, it was probably some stupid high school kids trying to impress each other by showing how ‘daring’ they could be.  in any event, the sign was free, and besides the tears, the election is over.

  5. Depending on the neighborhood you’re driving through I’m willing to bet you can find examples of signs for both sides having been vandalized over the previous few days. Certainly there have been plenty of news reports of folks from both sides tearing up the oppositions lawn signs when they could. One elderly Bush supporter was caught stealing Kerry yard signs when he accidentally tripped and knocked himself out.

  6. I am still playing GTA: Vice City because I am too lazy to follow any storylines. I just find myself killing a bunch of people and getting weapons/cops.

    I imagine that San Andreas appeals to people like me even moreso than before.

  7. Etan, if you just want to run around and kill, find hidden jumps, and generally fuck around you only have to finish about 30 missions and all three cities are open for exploration. Once that’s done this game is fuck off heaven! There are enough mini games, gambling spots, and kick ass side missions that the main storyline missions seem like a minor part of the game. I however, must complete this game at 100% by Christmas before my cousin does. I’m a man on a mission. If only I had a PS2 at work…

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