From twin lovers to an Inquisition.

Two stories here for your interests:

Twins sharing a lover create a paternity puzzle

Good News: Woman acknowledged sleeping with guy
Bad News: Woman also slept with the guy’s identical twin at time of conception

With identical twins having similar DNA, “there’s a high risk that it is impossible to determine who the father is,” Mr. Justice Paul Jolin noted in a recent ruling.


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Only problem is that it is an “Action RPG.” I can only take so many of those click fest.

6 thoughts on “From twin lovers to an Inquisition.

  1. This actually happened to my step-father- who has a twin brother- and he ended up with the child support because his twin fled to HI.  (Long story from a umm, ahem, interesting period).  The twin was never dna tested, and of course my step father had REALLY close dna to the child- without testing his twin’s DNA he was ruled to be like 99.2 % positive to be the father.  Nothing like reaping the rewards for your twin brother’s actions!

  2. Hate to nit-pick, but identical twins have identical DNA… not “similar” DNA. They both came from the same fertilized egg.

  3. The thing about nit-picking is, you should start by actually reading the linked article in its entirety:

    Genetics researchers consulted Thursday say it is possible for identical twins to have slightly different DNA, owing to genetic mutations while the embryos are duplicating in the mother’s womb at an early pregnancy stage.

  4. I just read the post and am kind of confused will someone tell me what “Tripartie relationship” is. Is that just a chick that was screwing two people at one time, or does it have something to do with twins thing?

    Personally, I am all for monogomy and cannot condone her sleeping with two people let alone two BROTHERS! but whatever tickles her fancy.

    Why does she not want the supposed father of her child to see his kid, especially if this five year-old calls him “Papa”. I have too many friends dealing with fathers that are lazy, irresponsible and do not give a shit about their kids when their paternity is NOT in question.

    Having your biological father as your father is a plus, but as long as you have someone that cares and is willing to be a positive male rolemodel in your childs life- QUIT BEING A TRICK BITCH.

    Had a little trouble following the article, but pretty much that is what I got out of it, if I am wrong or misunderstood something just let me know.

    Talk to you all later!

  5. I think the more important issue this raises, whatever you think about the woman, the twins, and their morality is the validity of current child support laws.  Though this took place in Canada, the American situation is quite similarly problematical.  This case really pushes the question: are we going about paternity cases in the right way?  Think about all the issues in cases without twins.  Could we handle these cases in a less disputable fashion that provides more emotional benefit and financial support for the children involved?

    Tripartite simply means that it involves 3 parties.

    …but as long as you have someone that cares and is willing to be a positive male rolemodel in your childs life…

    I couldn’t agree more.

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