Firefox 1.0 finally arrives.

And there was much rejoicing. After a long and exciting ride the folks at Mozilla have released Firefox 1.0 for your web browsing enjoyment. Go get it.

12 thoughts on “Firefox 1.0 finally arrives.

  1. Woo hoo! It works! I updated my Firefox and added your URL to the allowed cookies list and Voile! Now, how do I add a cute little picture?

  2. Go to and create an account using the same email address you use to post comments on blogs. Upload a pic and sit patiently while the folks there rate it. After a day or so it should start showing up automatically on any site using Gravatars including SEB.

  3. Thank you!

    Also, glad there is a separate post regarding Firefox. I should have emailed instead of posting in Neo’s eloquent submission.

  4. Shana, just come up with a good reason to have temporary admin. rights to your PC(ask to install cd labeler that always works!), install firefox and make sure you do not set it as the default browser. You should have no troubles! cool grin

  5. Really? I didn’t have any issues with the extensions I’m currently using when I upgraded to 1.0. Granted, I’d been using RC versions, but I just disabled them as instructed before installing the update and it worked just fine. I only have three installed though.

  6. I run Firefox from a USB drive so I can use it at work without installing it. It works just fine, although I have had trouble installing some plugins.

  7. Hmm, disable before install eh? Didn’t realize I was supposed to do that… I really only lost two extensions that I really wanted (Tabbrowser Preferences and Bandwidth Tester). Bandwidth still isn’t updated, but I have a newer version of Tabbrowser Preferences now (though for some reason I can’t access the options in the extension menu like I used to..). 

    Though, I am experiencing one major annoyance. I had gotten an extension that brought up a little “toolbar” when you had your mouse over an image and you couldn’t use right click unless you held ctrl. Well, that extension got disabled with the upgrade do to incompatibility, but I still can’t right click images without using ctrl. I uninstalled the extension and right click worked once, but now it’s back to not working. I’m not sure if it’s actually some other extension effecting it or somehow some part of the old extension is lingering… Really annoying. Any thoughts?

  8. Well, looks like another extension was the problem. I had downloaded some mouse gestures extensions because someone had said they gave the ability to open links in new tabs instead of new windows.  Seems they were likely the culprit of not allowing me to right click on images.

  9. You don’t need admin rights to use Firefox at work.  Just download the non-installer version from the Mozilla FTP site.

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