Dragon optical illusion will freak you out.

The folks over at Grand Illusions have an absolutely stunning optical illusion on their site known simply as the Dragon Optical Illusion that you need to see to believe.

It’s a small folded paper dragon that appears to watch you closely as you move about the room. I’m not talking about the standard “that picture is looking at me” optical illusion some paintings have, but an egads-its-head-is-turning-to-follow-me illusion that is very startling to see.

The site includes not only a link to a small video file of the illusion in action, but also has the dragon available to download and print out in both JPG and PDF formats so you can make your own dragon to freak people out with. I plan on making one for my desk at work so my coworkers will leave me alone. Go check it out.

8 thoughts on “Dragon optical illusion will freak you out.

  1. I have actually one of these standing on my desk as I read this grin – and it really works, even better if you close one eye.

    The illusion falters a little if you notice the shadow on the upper part of the figurine though. So what did I, being the perfectionist I am? Place one of those small LED Notebook USB lights so it illuminates the head.

    Purrrrrfect šŸ˜€

  2. This is the same trick Disney uses in the Haunted Mansion.

    There are pictures, or “busts” on the wall that appear to turn to face you as you walk by. They’re actually despressions, and lit from below.

    Extremely convincing illusion.

  3. I plan on making one for my desk at work so my coworkers will leave me alone.

    The results are the exact opposite! I’ve met people that I didn’t know worked here because of this thing.

  4. Downloaded the file and a friend and I are laying out sheet metal so we can make one about two and a half feet high. I hope the size won’t change the illusion. If it doesn’t, we’ll have a new guard for our porch. smile

  5. Argh!  Deadscot and scissors do not a happy couple make.  I am now breaking out the ExactoTM knife.

  6. ARG! when i first saw the video, it worked great. Now that I made the thing I can’t see it! Not even in the video. My friends tell me it all works great but i can’t see it now. Damnit it was so cool.

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