Coming soon: More reviews on SEB Reviews.

With the holiday season just around the corner I figure it’s time I got busy writing up some new reviews for SEB Reviews so that’s what I’m going to do. So, watch for them. If you care, that is.

The other thing that occurred to me is that with the success of allowing folks to submit guest posts on SEB I thought folks might appreciate being able to submit entries to SEB Reviews as well. So I thought I’d ask. So I’m asking. Do you want me to expand the guest posting to SEB Reviews as well? Speak up and let your voices be heard. Thank you.

19 thoughts on “Coming soon: More reviews on SEB Reviews.

  1. Seems kinda pointless to me. I wouldn’t play it, read it, watch it or make sweet love to it unless YOU advised me to.

    Then again, what could it hurt?

    Oh   my   god, Becky! Look at the suck-up on me.

  2. I can actually hear people telling us to just get a room already, GeekMom. smile

    One thing that does concern me a lot though…
    Is Elwed the violent type?

  3. I want to read that review of GeekMom, too.

    And Les, you’ve obviously got a guest doing all your reviews anyway, if the pic there is anything to go by- we know you don’t have piercing blue eyes.  Must be your angelic twin or a doppelgänger.

  4. Guest reviews? I mean there’s some people around here that I coud take a shine to, but then, who would want to buy a FundamentalChristian (TM) or a OnePostTroll?

    Seriously though, why not?

    Then again, remember the consensus (here? consensus – naaah) of what ‘we’ said concerning guest posts: do not publish those that are lacking because you don’t have the heart to say no to someone.

  5. I could use a OnePostTroll in our garden house.  He would look cute standing next to the garbage can.  Besides, our neighbors think us a little suspect for not having any trolls, here in Troll Land (Austria of course- the Swiss don’t have anything on us.  And the Germans? Don’t make me laugh.)

  6. You guys are so silly. It took me a moment to figure out what the hell you were talking about, then I was all like: DOH! “Guest Reviews!” I get it!

  7. Nope, Elwed’s not the violent type. 

    But you DON’T want to get on the business end of his longsword.

    Well, okay, maybe YOU do, Brock.

    I’m stopping here before I get into even bigger trouble.

    (tiptoes furtively out)

  8. Great, now I’ve got a picture of Brock and a big green dinosaur in my head.

    Getting back to the reviews.  It would be nice if only a few guest reviewers started it off and you had a small bio area on them with favorite movies, actors, authors, games, etc…  That way we’d have a little more insight into the review itself.  I can’t speak for anyone else, but I’ve been reading posts from you, Brock, GM, ***Dave, DOF, Elwed and others long enough to know many of their tastes but I would be skeptical of accepting a SEB quality review from a relative newcomer.  It’s just not the same as a blog entry.

  9. LMAO guys!

    Well Les, I think we’ve proved that guest reviewers couldn’t be any worse for the discriminating reader than we’ve been in this thread.

    OK, now I’m off to write my guest reviews of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, Will and Grace and Danny Does Dallas.

    Just kidding guys.

  10. Les, if you let Brock do a guest review, pretty soon we’ll all be forced to marry our sisters, or maybe dead horses… be warned!

  11. Brock, I’ll review “Queer Eye” (or maybe “Queer As Folk”) if you review “Desperate Housewives.”  How’s that?  wink

  12. When you’re right. you’re eight, Zilch. Guest reviewing is a sacred affair and allowing me to review would make a mockery of the sanctity of it. It’s one man and one opinion graced by god, with the hope that future sales will be born from the sacred review.

    Two men together have no business reviewing each other. God made “product and “interest”, not “product” and “another product”.

  13. Much as I hate to admit it, I have to agree with Brock-  we don’t need any doctrinal impurity sullying the immaculate reviews.  The genuine article is only guaranteed with St. Les at the helm.

    And Brock- you say I’m eight. Eight what? I don’t get it.  Are you making fun of me?  How rude.

  14. GeekMom, I was commenting while you wrote the above.

    I’ll review “Desperate Housewives” if you’ll review “Joan of Arcadia” or “Wife Swap” Don’t worry; just watching them doesn’t make you a fan.

  15. Damn, all you have to do is accidentally place an “e” in front of “ight” instead of an “r” and the whole message changes. Sorry about that, Zilch. That was my dad.

    Oops, if you have an extra “b”, use it in that last sentence somewhere.

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