CNN Presents: The Fight Over Faith - 14 Nov, 8pm(ET). Watch it.

Do catch this Special Report on CNN relating to evangelical Christianity called “The Fight Over Faith.” It airs at 8pm (ET) tonight.

I have taken a peek at it and it is quite interesting and spine chilling too at some points. Especially take note of the 8 year old (or very young at least) girl who says she is a born again Christian and was saved at AGE 3! Also listen to her views on who goes to Hell and everything. There are also some uplifting stories that show the other side of the coin where you have some evangelicals who are extremely critical of this inclusive mindset.

At that point I suddenly recalled something Jon Stewart said in reply to the idea of the North East Liberal Elites: What can be more elite than thinking you are a chosen people and that you will go to heaven while everyone else will go to hell?

Anyhow, once you have seen it let me know what you think of this special report.

5 thoughts on “CNN Presents: The Fight Over Faith - 14 Nov, 8pm(ET). Watch it.

  1. It would be interesting to see what type of feedback CNN receives from the fundies in regards to the program.

    The persecution complex that these types of people continually portray has become tiresome.  With almost 1/3 of the US population self identifying as ‘evangelicals’, it’s a little hard to buy into to the martyr bit.

    The piece with the family and young daughter was more disturbing than informative.  In ways it hit a little close to home.  The religious aspect has gone beyond worship and into the cult arena.

    I’m glad that they had on a member of Americans United for the Seperation of Church and State.  His thoughts and the comments from Rev. Geddy provided some much needed perspective to the piece.  The fact that all those close to the issue consider this to be a revolutionary time for evangelicals is disturbing considering how misinformed they are of their own teachings and doctrines.

    What ever happened to the ‘many are called but few are chosen thing?  Based on the numbers, it would appear that just about every one is being chosen nowadays.

  2. Unfortunately I didn’t see the program, though I’m certain it would have been interesting.  I agree that most pastors and Christians are misinformed of the teachings of the Bible.  It’s rare anymore to find any pastor that has read the Bible all the way through.  Tons of people in America identify themselves as Christian, but honestly very few of them are.  The current estimates are that only 10% of those who claim to be Christian really are.  And that’s a liberal estimate.  Christianity is much more than attending church and putting on a face one day every week.  There is an underlying belief and faith that is clearly defined in the Bible that very few are taught and fewer actually live.

  3. What cracks me up about Theocrat’s comment is the fact that it’s clear he feels he’s part of the 10% minority of true Christians and yet he’s not said anything different than what every other ‘true Christian’ who has happened by SEB has ever said. If I were to go by that alone it would seem that no one thinks they’re not part of that 10% minority who have gotten it right even though many of them don’t agree with each other.

    All of these people think they’re part of the group that has it all figured out and none of them consider the possibility that they might be part of the 90% who aren’t doing things properly. It’s pretty funny when you think about it.

  4. The Nicene Creed brought together all the denominations of the Christian faith at that time in history.  They spent a lot of time discussing what the basic tenets of the Bible were in order to become “saved”.  They disregarded all the issues the split them and figured out what united them.  The Nicene Creed is all one needs to know in terms of salvation.  There have been polls done by a variety of groups comparing peoples beliefs from a variety of denominations with the Nicene Creed, what every denomination once claimed to be inarguably true.  The results of the polls showed that a terribly low percentage of those polled had beliefs that at the basics coincided with the Nicene Creed.

    So how do we interpret this?  That 90% are no longer taught what the Bible says but what someone interprets the Bible to say.  What we have are nation of theologians not Christians.  I’ve got the basics down.  The rest of what I believe to define a Christian doesn’t matter so much because if I’m wrong, which I could be, God will deal with me eventually as he will all others.  There are the basics in Christianity everything else is rubbish if you can’t even agree with the basics.

  5. So I guess CNN is already re running it.  It’s still showing right now as I type and my immediate reaction is that there are a lot of stereotypes flying around.  The evangelicals are stereotyping the media, politicians, etc. and the media isn’t helping any by presenting people who are stereotyping the evangelicals.  You get no closer to a clear picture of the truth of the matter with this documentary than a tabloid could.  There is no balance between the extreme views of those supplementing the documentary and those subject of it.

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