CNET News officially unveils their trackback support.

A comment left by John Roberts in my original entry about CNet’s hidden trackback/pingback feature says that it’s no longer a hidden feature, but has been officially launched and ready for use.

CNET is pleased to introduce support for TrackBack and Pingback as additional tools to help readers follow the flow of interactive content. Anyone linking to a CNET story who sends the proper notification will get a link back in return.

What are TrackBack and Pingback?

TrackBack and Pingback links are records of links made to CNET pages. A publisher sends a ping (or notification) to CNET that a link to the CNET page has been made. CNET records that notification and builds a page including all the notifications, with links back to the linking site. More technical details.

CNET is incorporating TrackBacks and Pingbacks to help readers see the broader context and commentary around stories reported by CNET Reader can continue to post comments directly in TalkBack, found at the bottom of CNET story pages.

If nothing else, this means I no longer have to view the page source to find the trackback code to ping for each entry I link to and that’s a good thing.

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