Big Brother Is Watching You

Mysterious ‘George W. Bush: Our leader’ Clear Channel political public service billboard graces Orlando freeway

A billboard recently put up in Orlando bearing a smiling photograph of President Bush with the words “Our Leader” is raising eyebrows among progressives who feel the poster is akin to that of propaganda used by tyrannical regimes.

This was first noticed on The Democratric Underground message board and confirmed by Raw Story. I first learned of this on Monday and it is so upsetting to me that I still can’t even begin to put my feelings into words.

24 thoughts on “Big Brother Is Watching You

  1. Someone needs to Jam that bad boy.

    Maybe a nice little moustache, a Swastika, and a nice “NOT” before the word “Our”?

    Or a nice big fat “OBEY!” on his forehead?

  2. Deja vue. As a German, “our leader” provokes an atavistic negative reaction instead of the urge to knock my heels together, raise my right arm, and shout “Sieg Heil!” I don’t want to jump to conclusions who’s behind the posters and what their ultimate intent is, but on the other hand I’m not sure this deserves the benefit of doubt.

    By the way, will somebody please photoshop the picture and add that silly beard?

  3. I know, way, WAY too far… but it just turned out so well. The comparison is supposed to be… oh. Never mind. It’s tasteless. I know it.

  4. I almost missed the fact (obvious to everyone else, I’m sure) that this could be read another way. Clear Channel, the owners and operators for almost all information media in North America, are essentially declaring that they’re led by a single viewpoint.

    Very, very dangerous.

    Let’s see what’s playing on station 451…

  5. I like it, and maybe if Bush himself had a hand in it and they were popping up Nation wide you could compare it to Hitler and such. But we know it was just some rich bastard rubbing it in the faces of those retards in FL that sought medical attention after Bush won.  Ha!

  6. Spocko, 2 of those 5 you picture are revered by the radical left.  Pot and Kettle, and all, ya know?

    Clear Channel is helping the Bush propaganda take over, by playing all the hits of the Dixie Chicks, Springsteen, Bruce Hornsby, Mellencamp, R. E. M, Linda Ronstadt, Pearl Jam, and Don Henley.

    Sure, I’m thirsty, why not?

  7. Bryan, let’s be subtle and get to the point at the same time. No mustaches or anything. Just write, right under the “our leader” phrase, One Ring to rule them all…

  8. Isn’t it great to live in a country where we can poke fun at “Our Leader” and live to tell about it? I’m just glad the sign was put up by a commercial company instead of a government agency. wink

  9. I agree with WickedID and Leguru. I’m Canadian, so adjust the weight my opinion on American matters as you see fit.

    There are a great many places in this world where posting something like my edit with Hitler would have simply got me “disappeared”. While even I thought my image was unfair (Bush had nothing to do with the ads and cannot truly be compared to Hitler), I was not concerned in the slightest about posting it. There’s a lot to be said for that.

    Even now, though, my pessimistic half (more like 3/4ths) is thinking, “too bad the US is sitting back and watching as that freedom gets taken away”.

  10. The observations and opinions expressed so far are sensible. When I saw this my first reaction was at gut level; revulsion. I agree as well with WickedID and Leguru that because a corporation (owner of) wanted to rub the alleged win in the faces of the Democrats it has FOS credibility. However, one would like to think that the Rovian Revolution would not be so foolish to adopt the sure telltale of a dictatorship, the ubiquitous use of fearless leader’s face and some admonishing statement to remind the proletariat who is the boss. Or would they decide to rub their takeover in the U.S. citizen’s faces?
    Just to show that they could do it in say 2007 or 2008?

  11. Here I am picking nits again, but hey, it keeps my fingers limber:

    Spocko, 2 of those 5 you picture are revered by the radical left.  Pot and Kettle, and all, ya know?

    ben, as far as I could tell, Spocko said nothing about political handedness here.  Demagogues come in all flavors.

  12. …and bbm: if Dubya would pattern himself rather after the son, Kim Jong-il, he could have those thousands of “comfort girls”.  On the other hand, maybe that wouldn’t play so well with the Fundies…

  13. democrats beware, the stupidevilbush is going to send his boy scout storm troopers after you in the middle of the night.  lock your doors, hide under your bed and pray to the god that doesn’t exist in your hour of most desperate need for your salvation.  it will be a cold night.  it will be a lonely night.  it will be night forever remembered as “the night of the shattered bleeding hearts”.

  14. grey- you have to use the “sarcasm” smiley, or we’ll think you’ve come over to our side.  You wouldn’t want that, now, would you?

  15. Government enforcement of civil rights cases—never a strong suit for any of the presidents in recent memory—has plunged drastically since 1999. That year, federal prosecutors filed 159 civil rights cases against defendants, but in 2003, there were only 84 cases. And it’s not because the number of complaints about civil rights violations has gone down—that number has stayed constant at around 12,000 each year for the past five years. Data supplied by the Department of Justice and analyzed by the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University show a picture of an administration in which the prosecutors chose to focus on immigration concerns (in which more than 90 percent of complaints were investigated) to the detriment of civil rights (only 5 percent were investigated.) See the report here.

  16. grey- just click on the blue word “Smileys” below “Post a comment”, and choose your smiley… wink

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