Asshat spammer sending email through SEB.

Looks like some asshat registered an account with us and then spammed 47 members with email ranging from your standard issue Nigerian scam to appeals for the member’s real email address. EE tracks all emails sent through it and Dave M. let me know as soon as he got his so I’d like to apologize to everyone who got one of these missives. I’ve disabled the ability to send email through SEB for the moment until I can determine if this was an automated process or just someone with a lot of time on their hands. 

I have EE set to only allow one email every five minutes and it appears this person was sending them out in five minute increments so it could just be some ass with too much time on their hands. Your real email address was not revealed to them at any point in time so as long as you don’t respond to the email it should remain hidden. Again, my apologies.

12 thoughts on “Asshat spammer sending email through SEB.

  1. Not a problem.  If someone wants to spam from SEB they might want to bone up on their English and grammar skills first.  There has to be a simpler way fro them to harvest email addresses than this tactic.  Me thinks it was some sort of chron job bot.

  2. Experience would suggest they had too much time on their hands. I’ve had them post their waffle in comments forms on my blog before, with none of the fingerprints of it being done using bots.

  3. I think that premediated murders should get more time than spammers. Then again, there were possibly reasons for some of those premediated murderers getting sentences briefer than nine years. Hard to make an intelligent comment without more facts.

    But nine years for sending spam…for abusing a communications network…no, it’s not too much.

  4. I hate spam, I really hate spam, but Nine freaking years for sending spam, hollllly shit. I’ve heard of premeditated murders getting less time.

    I guess you could even it out by legalising the murder of spammers.

  5. What ever hurdle or gate you can conceive, some dumbass will find a way to circumvent. Les can I use EE with macintosh OS 9? I have space that I am not using at the moment and I would like to move away from blogger (I can’t post pictures or use avitars because I use Macintosh). I want to rant and roll from my own space. I have 4 active e-mail accounts, and my private account that I have never given to anyone but my family gets the most spam!! Go figure?  The notmail address I give for my online posts gets the least!! I finally have a new keyboard (*-*) so amybe not so many typos.

  6. You’re lucky, the assphat spammed me 400 times. I traced the bastard and it looks like he’s sending spam from Ip’s.

  7. Then again, there were possibly reasons for some of those premediated murderers getting sentences briefer than nine years.

    …this is a little off topic, but Dan White comes to mind- anyone remember him?  Shot down Mayor George Moscone and Supervisor Harvey Milk of SF, would have killed two more, because he was disgruntled at having been forced to resign.  Got seven years, was paroled in less than five.

  8. It helped that I had a 5 minute limit set on emails and a couple of my readers let me know as soon as they got the spam so that limited the damage somewhat.

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