A recap of the past couple of days.

I haven’t kept up with the blog over the last couple of days due to the holiday and being up at Mom’s and am I ever paying the price for it. I’m pretty sure there’s over 100 comments to dig through not to mention the thoughts I wanted to write on Ellie’s submission (though it appears many of you may have already touched on some of the points I was going to bring up). Not that I’m complaining mind you, but I was thinking the effects of Turkey Day would slow you guys down somewhat as you slept off all the leftovers. I would have jumped in yesterday, but Melvin, the Official SEB Cat, was a feeling a little needy after having spent two days home alone with a big bowl of water and food as his only companions for the first time since he came to live with us so I spent most of last night watching TV with him by my side. It’s amazing how even the most aloof cat can suddenly become all lovey-dovey when he hasn’t seen you in two days.

As I mentioned previously it had started sleeting here just before we set out for my parent’s place and it was a full-blown snowstorm by the time we’d reached the halfway point. We never got above 55MPH the entire trip up, which is just as well considering the number of folks who couldn’t lighten up on the gas pedal and ended up in the ditch as a result. When we woke up on Thanksgiving morning we were greeted with several inches of snow and a beautiful sunny day. This is the first significant snowfall of the season for us and I think the following pics show that winter in Michigan be as pretty as any other snow-prone state even if we don’t get it as early as they do. Click to embiggen:

Being early in the season it didn’t last long, particularly back here in Canton. Mom still had a fair amount of snow when we left on Friday, but it was just starting to rain as we left and by the time we made it home the only signs of snow having been present here was a small amount on the windshield of the cars in the parking lot and very small amounts around some trees in the shady spots. Otisville, where my parents live, is less than a hundred miles away, but you can still see the difference in ambient temperature between the countryside and the city in how much snow they get and how long it lasts. A lot of folks who stay in Michigan when they retire tend to move north and the above pics show you why.

One last thing before I set off to read up on all the comments you guys have left while I was busy not paying attention to the blog. I’ll be shaving my head for my appearance on CBC’s The National this coming Monday night, but a lot of you said you wanted to see what I look like with hair. I could just point you to the SEB Reviews site where I have hair in the pic I used there, but it’s only half a picture so here’s a pic I took just the other day with my mousy-colored hair in all its glory:

It’s not as long as in the pic I used on SEB Reviews, but at least it’s combed. OK, now to get started on all the catching up I have to do.

10 thoughts on “A recap of the past couple of days.

  1. Great snow pix Les! We don’t get much over here in Balto. Sometimes I miss the beauty of it (I’m originally from Chicago) but then I remember the shoveling and scraping and sliding into ditches and other related fun. If you don’t mind I think I’ll just use the pix for wallpaper, thank you very kindly.

    PS. I get that preview bug too (for months, thought I was the only one). The only thing displayed is the text you first typed in even if you change the text and press preview again. When you finally submit the text is as you last modified it (e.g. when I press Preview for the second time now I will not see this text I’m typing). I thought I was having some weird cache problem.

  2. I’ve saved those pix to look at when the temperature hits the 30’s again (like the past 2 days – and yes, that’s Celsius).

  3. Hey, nice snow.

    Are you sure that’s Michigan?

    Well, you will be when it’s still there, brown and grey and grimy, in, oh, February

    {ducks into snowbank}

  4. Spocko, I have bigger versions if you want to use them as wallpapers on your desktops. I’ll also check with Rick on the preview bug. I looked at the code used to set it up and there’s not a lot of room to make mistakes with it so I’m assuming it has to be a bug in EE.

    ***Dave, yeah, yeah, yeah, rub it in.

  5. Ever considered making an SEB calendar?  Don’t know if they do anything like that on Cafe Press, but it would be a popular item.  Those pictures definitely go in one of the winter months!

    The calendar could have quotes and “this day in history” items.

  6. Please put me in the carbon copy and I send you a couple of my next door neighbor a nice smokey volcano.

  7. DOF, I’ve never fancied myself as being that good of a photographer actually. What would I put in the rest of the months? I’m sure you guys don’t want a July picture of me in a speedo at the beach or anything like that.

    Spocko, Elwed, and Lark, pics are on the way.

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