The Third Annual Blogger Boobie-Thon for Breast Cancer

Seeing as we’ve been discussing “Naked Boobies” recently I thought I’d take the time to mention that the Third Annual Blogger Boobie-Thon for Breast Cancer is underway. What originally started as a means of raising some funding to help Sporty make a trip from PA down to FL to visit Robyn has gone on to become an annual tradition that raises money for a variety of causes not the least of which is the ongoing fight against breast cancer mentioned right in the title. You can go read up on the history if you want the full details, but the upshot boils down to a very simple concept:

Visit the Boobie-Thon website and you can look at some racy pics of various female blogger’s real-life boobies, with a few male boobies tossed in here and there for the ladies, and while you’re there you’re encouraged to toss a few bucks their way. So far they’ve raised $1525.00 this year with the first $350 going to the AIDS Walk 2004 / Rock the Walk and the remainder going to Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation once this year’s event comes to a close. You don’t have to limit yourself to simply staring at boobies, though, you’re more than welcome to submit your own if you want to help support the cause.

The pics at the site are of the cheesecake variety, but still probably NSFW so don’t go visiting on your lunch hour. As an extra incentive they also have a truly naked boobies section of the site for those bloggers brave enough to bare all that is only accessible to folks who donate $50 or more, and you can be sure that section is definitely NSFW. Personally, I find that there’s something very apropos about the idea of a website devoted to fighting breast cancer that shows you just what it is you’re fighting for with your donations. If you’re the sort who can appreciate the simple beauty of a semi-naked boobie, or you just want to donate to the cause, then stop by their site and check it out.

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