The Bjorn3D 2004 Pumpkin Carving Contest is now open.

It’s time once again for this year’s Bjorn3D Pumpkin Carving Contest:

We love Halloween at Bjorn3D, so each year we celebrate it with a contest in which you demonstrate your carving prowess and we reward you with cool prizes.

This year we are getting back to basics. In previous years we asked for the integration of computers and pumpkins. Not this year. It’s time for a good, old-fashioned carving contest. All you need this year is a sharp knife, a willing gourd, and a good imagination.

We will award prizes to the top 3 entries, as judged by the staff of Bjorn3D.

  • 1st place – XFX GeForce 6800 video card
  • 2nd place – nForce2 or nForce3 motherboard
  • 3rd place – nForce2 or nForce3 motherboard

THE THEME: The theme is computer/games/Bjorn3D. For example, a Doom 3 pumpkin would fit the theme and be useful for your own Halloween festivities. Bjorn3D’s mascot is a polar bear. The contest logo incorporates a bear paw carved into a pumpkin. Sorry that we took the easy one, but it does illustrate how to work the Bjorn3D theme into your entry.

There are plenty of PC Geeks out there who are pretty handy at carving things up as is evidenced by the popularity of the various case mod websites so it’s always interesting to see what happens when you set these guys loose on an innocent and unsuspecting pumpkin. If you’re interested in participating then stop by their site and check out the full set of rules. The rest of us can look forward to viewing the submissions in the Bjorn3D gallery.

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