Slap fight breaks out over which candidate Jesus would vote for.

Seems a couple of guys down in North Carolina watching the first presidential debate got into an argument over which candidate Jesus would vote for that quickly got out of hand, so to speak:

According to a police report, the concept of “turning the other cheek” came up, and James Robert Austin, 19, of 1305 Granville Towers West in Chapel Hill, slapped Robert Brooks Rollins, 22, of 104 Brewer Lane in Carrboro, on the cheek at Rollins’ house.

After that, Rollins slapped Austin, and Austin landed on the concrete patio, possibly striking his head, according to the report. Rollins called for an ambulance, which took Austin to UNC Hospitals to be examined.

Just another example of how religious belief leads to violence I suppose. It’s hard to say which is the more frightening thought: That these two morons got angry enough about the political opinion of a fictional character to hurt each other over it or that these two can legally vote in the election.

14 thoughts on “Slap fight breaks out over which candidate Jesus would vote for.

  1. Both are equally scary. It sucks that there are probably millions of people in this country that can’t vote because they are too young or have committed a felony, or whatever, that are smarter and more qualified to vote than many that will vote this November.

  2. And these guys were friends. Imagine what whould have happened among enemies. And, yes, Jesus is the socialist candidate, I think.

  3. Jesus? Isn’t he the socialist canidate?



    (Hey, I finally mastered the ancient and honorable art of the blockquote!)

  4. A while ago, Florida? had a basic competency and awareness test on each ballot. Basically, you had to read the ballot, and check the box that said, “I am mentally capable to vote” or something like that. There was a huge backlash from people who chose not to read the ballot, and did not check the box, and their vote discarded.

    Requiring a basic competency test, IMHO, is yet another slippery slope. Who gets to write it? Who gets to grade it? What if you disagree with the “right” answer? I agree with the basic awareness test, though. If you don’t have time to read the ballot, you shouldn’t be voting.


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