SEB Public Service Announcement: Do Not Strike Anti-Tank Mines With A Hammer

Time for another…

Stupid Evil Bastard Public Safety Announcement!

Never, ever, ever hit an anti-tank mine with a hammer; no matter how bad a case of the munchies you might have!

Seems a couple of Pakistani villagers in Islamabad were killed today when one of them used a hammer to crack open an anti-tank mine he had found so he could use the casing as a stove to fry snacks on. It seems the casing cracked open a bit more violently than he had expected it to, mines have a bad habit of doing that, killing Muhammad Latif along with another man and badly wounding a three-year-old child nearby. This sort of tragic snack-related death is becoming all-too common these days so we felt it was important to get the word out.

Besides, everyone knows that side-winder missile casings make much better impromptu stoves anyway…

6 thoughts on “SEB Public Service Announcement: Do Not Strike Anti-Tank Mines With A Hammer

  1. Reminds me of my home town. For a backwater town it sure got hammered in WWII, including an incendiary bomb dropped on the family home. Even today, a number of duds are pulled from the ground, like a 1/2 ton dud under a playground in what is now the US housing area, and two 1/2 ton duds right along the path I used to walk to college.

    The only casualties, ironically, are a pair of American brothers (the article didn’t mention their age) that found a stash of WWII grenades in the forest, took it to the garage and proceeded to open them.

  2. Sounds like a bad opium binge gone wrong.  If only Princess Di were around to see this.  Maybe the family can take the mine manufacturer to international court and sue them for defective warning labels.

    capcha = ‘suddenly’  When you strike a mine with a hammer it might ‘suddenly’ explode.

  3. Hey, don’t scoff at the poor guy; Metal is a very, very valuable thing in most of the world.

    Visit any non-web-pervasive nation’s marketplace and you’ll see all sorts of devices fashioned after old soup tins (often oil lamps), tires (sandels), and anything else that has been heavily processed.  My grandfather, no joke, would wash the tin/aluminium foil and re-use it.

    There’s a very good reason why Mao legislated every family to construct a homemade pig-iron smelter during the Great Leap Forward.

  4. Why would anyone assume peasants everywhere in the world know what all the different kinds of mines look like? 

    A fair example for, say, Americans, would be if you found a mystery appliance sitting by a recycle bin, in good condition.  It looks kind of like a radio, but not exactly.  You need a new power cord for a lamp you have, and the knobs and case look cool, so you figure you could use parts even if it doesn’t work.  You take it home, plug it in, and as you go blind and fall to the floor with a cooked brain, you realize that someone has taken the tube out of a microwave oven and put it in a box so it broadcasts in all directions.  Surprise!

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