Republican Switchers - A blog about Republicans voting for John Kerry.

I got an email this afternoon from Jennifer about a blog called Republican Switchers:

WHY REPUBLICANS ARE SWITCHING FROM BUSH TO KERRY and why you, and the conservatives you love, should vote for Kerry, too!

This site aims to “gather the voices” of Republicans and former Bush voters who now support Kerry. We believe that when conservatives are exposed to critiques of Bush from other conservatives, they will be more likely to change their vote.

It is surprising just how much support there is for Kerry among so many of the moderate Republicans out there and this site does a pretty good job of collecting news stories from all over about some very prominent Republicans who are endorsing the opposition party’s candidate this election and why they are doing so. I can certainly understand why Republicans in general may be reluctant to take my rather liberal libertarian word about why they should support Kerry, but perhaps hearing from some of your fellow Republicans will be a little more persuasive. Go check it out.

3 thoughts on “Republican Switchers - A blog about Republicans voting for John Kerry.

  1. Have you read about this. If I was someone who has a strong belief in the Christian religion, the following could be scary. Of course I am not entirely sure whether are all his sources correct or his quotes from the bible. As I said the following is a bit odd but then again as are more conspiracy websites. But that does not detract from making it an interesting read.

    It has quite a detail analysis. Some a bit over the top but others kind of chilling. If one uses the Hebrew letters to spell out his name and adopt the corresponding numbers of the alphabet you will get 666. Another interesting bit is that he announced his candidacy on June 12, 1999 which is 6,6+6,1999. And that 1 is to represent the 1000 christ will rule. Revelation 20:7-10.

    Bible Reading
    Another interesting bit: Dan 7: 24 “the ten horns are ten kings who will come from this kingdom. After them another king will arise, different from the earlier ones. (the Antichrist)

  2. Random aside:
    I think it’s really interesting how people reinterpret the bible today.  I had a very Christian friend in college who was into studying the origins of the Bible, and he said that the book of Revelations (which scared the crap out of me as a child) was really a politically-oriented essay for early Christians.  The characters all represented various oppressors and allies of the Christians (this is mentioned on that antichrist page), and it was the only way Christians of the time could criticize their persecutors without being further persecuted for it.  Change the context and it’s interesting to see how it still applies…
    Go, republicans, go!  come over to the light side!

  3. Oddly enough, I’ve been theorizing that Bush is the Antichrist for some time now.  Sad thing is, that if that’s the truth…..he WILL get elected.  Another interesting aside is that the AC is supposed to be in a relative position of power for seven years before he shows his true face.  Lets see:  First term=4 years, Second term=4 more years.  4+4=8.  That means if he really is the AC, he’d be in power for a full year after he showed himself.  Meh, nothing to do but watch it play out.  But I for one will rest a helluva lot easier if he’s not elected.  smile

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