Rat brains can pilot F-22 fighter jets!!!!

I thought this might be something to interest everyone, or at least a neat diversion from politics.


Summed up, University of Florida has a research experiment using rat neurons to pilot a flight sim.  You just have to read it to believe it.

6 thoughts on “Rat brains can pilot F-22 fighter jets!!!!

  1. No joke Serge, I’m the one who sent this link along. For more, just check out scienceblog.com, its got some cool tech shit.

  2. I thought it must be a joke, too, until I read it.  What was actually accomplished doesn’t seem so mind-boggling, though, if you read the author’s more detailed description in the comment below the article:


    Still and all, pretty amazing.  Get those rat neurons over to Iraq.  Better yet, get them into the Oval Office- or are they there already?

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