No, I’m not dead yet…

But I almost feel like it. I’ve got a nasty cold or flu or something and that’s why I haven’t posted anything new in the last couple of days. My lack of activity was enough to give my Dad cause to ring me up this morning to see if I’d died or something. You know you’re a blogger when the lack of new content is enough to cause your parents to call you to see what’s wrong. grin

So if I haven’t responded to your email yet it’s only because I’ve been sleeping more than anything else as of late. I’ve got a doctor’s appointment later today and I’ll update more once I’m feeling a little better.

26 thoughts on “No, I’m not dead yet…

  1. Yes, I was concerned! Nice to know you’re still kicking. Smoke some crack and get some sleep…. Oh, wait, that’s not for a cold.

  2. Les,

    Get better soon, we miss you wink

    And I would have a “talking to” with DemonSurfer.. he may have given you his mystery illness … bastard grin

  3. “Smoke some crack and get some sleep…. Oh, wait, that’s not for a cold.”

    Close enough Brooks, it’s the PHEDRINES you take for colds, which happen to be a chemical cousin of Meth.  wink

    Oh, and get well soon so you can post more things for my entertainment Les.  wink

  4. Hmmm, every time a Smurfs marathon comes on the Cartoon Network Les suddenly takes to his bed watching TV for a few days.  Coincidence?  Hope you’re feeling Smurfy all over now.  Take care of yourself.

  5. Heh.  I’ve heard that from people, too.  “Yeah, it must have been a real bitch of a busy day for you—I got into work and there were no new posts.  Come Noontime, I was beginning to get concerned …”

    Hope you feel better soon.

  6. What’s up with everything being said in bold all of a sudden? Am I missing a secret message here?

    (This is also a test…)

  7. You can do that to the site just by not closing a tag correctly? I’m sorry, I may have misunderstood – WHO broke SEB?

  8. Oh, no you didn’t!

    Since the thread is HTML enabled any tags from a previous entry that aren’t properly closed will carry over from entry to entry.  At least the entries weren’t split halfway down the screen Mr. Guest Bastard.

  9. On a more serious note, it almost went right past me, but Les is nicknamed “Froggy”? Please oh please, won’t someone in the family reveal the story behind that?

    Stupid Evil Froggy – I like it!

    Hope you’re feeling better Froggy. I hate myself for razzing a sick guy.

  10. Mom just called me “froggy” cause thats what I sounded like when I spoke to Dad on the phone earlier in the day. It’s not a long-standing nickname or anything like that.

  11. But it COULD be yes yes, it COULD be. Think you that this possible, is not? The froggy voice is strong in you young Leswalker.

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