New SEB Feature: Submit an Entry.

OK I’m going to try an experiment based on one of the suggestions in my entry on possibly dropping the SEB Forums:

If you’re a registered member then you’ll notice a new option in the navigation bar that should allow you to submit an entry to SEB. Clicking that link will take you to a limited version of the control panel that I use to make entries to the site. From that page you can select the Publish option and then enter in a new entry that you’d like us to consider for publication using the same editing interface I and the Guest Bastards use. Once you hit the Submit button it’ll be entered into the database with a status of PENDING where I can review it later. There will also be an option to edit entries you’ve submitted in case you find you need to make a correction later.

Please consider your submission carefully before taking the time to enter it as I will be considering it carefully before deciding to publish it. I am not promising that every submission sent will make it onto the site and I may ask that you edit your entry prior to publishing if I think it could use a little polish, but we’re not the New York Times here so you shouldn’t worry too much about living up to what passes for standards at SEB. Entries that are little more than spam or attempts at trolling for a flame war will be rejected outright. Otherwise I’m opening up SEB to whatever you folks want to talk about.

Let’s see what kind of damage we can do with this new toy.

6 thoughts on “New SEB Feature: Submit an Entry.

  1. Very impressive. I doubt it will get much use on my site but I’d be quite grateful if you wrote an instructional entry on setting this up.

  2. Les,

    One thing you may want to look into fixing is that when a story is submitted, if there are any trackbacks sent, they are sent immediately and show up on the other blog before you accept/reject the post.

    An example of this is the story I submitted this morning on the Anti-Spyware bill. I put my original post at my site in the Sites to Ping box and my site now has a trackback to a as of yet nonexistant post here as SEB…

    Not a huge problem, except if you reject a post that has pinged another site, it may cause problems 🙁

    Otherwise everything went smooth as a baby’s arse grin

  3. This is true. There is a feature request in for delaying trackbacks/pings until the entry is validated and I believe they are looking into how this might be done, but for the moment it’s just how EE works. Annoying, but not beyond correcting.

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