My, my, my, but you’ve been busy little beavers…

…during my absence, eh? Opened up my email client today to find over a hundred comment notifications! Seems we’ve got a couple of apologists fighting the good fight lately. Shame I’ve been out of it for so long as there are points I’d like to address from the beginning of that discussion, but I’ll jump in where I can.

I’m feeling considerably better today. We went to the doc’s yesterday and they diagnosed me with a pretty nasty sinus infection and sent me home with some antibiotics, heavy-duty decongestants, and a recommendation that I stay home one more day. I am feeling better already, though still very congested, so I’ll be going into work tomorrow. I don’t tend to get this sick on a regular basis so it’s a bit of a relief to finally be coming out of it. If nothing else at least I’m caught up on my beauty sleep.

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