More random bits to chew on in lieu of a real entry.

I meant to get more writing done this weekend, but the weekend decided it had other plans for me. In addition to heading over to my in-laws on Saturday to celebrate a birthday I decided to round out Sunday by coming down with a migraine and going to bed early. Not sure how much posting I’ll be doing from work this week as one of the site managers I work with is on vacation and I’ll be acting as his backup and that can keep me busier than usual.

I do plan on writing an entry discussing some of the things brought up by Rick Brady in this entry about me and SEB that he put up on his blog. Some of you have already stopped by over there and engaged him in a polite discussion and I just wanted to thank you for keeping it civil. I’m always a little nervous about linking to other blogs that might be seen as being critical of myself or SEB as I don’t want to give the impression that I’m siccing my regulars on them as that’s not my intent. Usually I mention it because I really am fascinated by some of the criticisms I receive and I’m curious to hear what others think of it.

Anyway, there’s a few other things I’ve been meaning to touch on if I get the time to do so this week.

Update: Oh, one thing I did want to mention. I’m working on putting a FAQ into place for SEB. This came after a suggestion from GeekMom that something similar be developed. As a result I’m looking for suggestions on content for the FAQ. Let me know what you think it should contain.

7 thoughts on “More random bits to chew on in lieu of a real entry.

  1. Hi LES and SEB readers,

    Thanks for the link and I do welcome all of you.  Thanks to some of your readers, I’ve learned a few things about you; including that you’re a former evangelical so I apologize for some of my initial ignorant assumptions. 

    Please have some patience with me.  If I don’t respond to comments, I am not ignoring you all.  If you read my site, you’ll know that I work full-time, am a full-time graduate student (SDSU), and have two young kids so my hands are quite full!

    I look forward to some thoughtful and cordial engagement after the election (my focus now).  I believe the Biblical principle “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” Prov. 27:17, NIV

    I’m afraid I am not nearly as intelligent as some of your readers (especially elwedriddsche – that gal/guy(?) is sharp!), so I hope I don’t let you all down.

  2. Welcome, Rick!  I know how hard it is to get anything written (much less anything coherent) with two kids in the house, so those of us on diaper detail will cut you mucho slack. wink

    Les, a few of the things I would suggest for the FAQ are:

    – about you (especially a link to the entries where you describe how you became an atheist)

    – links to some of our favorite reference sites used for refutation of common arguments

    – posting guidelines and caveats (what will prompt you to delete a posting/close a thread?)

    – submission guidelines (if any) now that you’re allowing “guest posts.”

    – definitions of any commonly used acronyms (NSFW being one) or inside jokes.

    Those are just off the top of my fuzzy head …

  3. Welcome, Rick. Don’t make me blush again wink Take your time, it’s not like you’d get detention for tardiness.

    (Les) I’m siccing my regulars on them as that’s not my intent

    Hey, I resemble that remark!

    (Geekmom) Those are just off the top of my fuzzy head …

    Some of these already exist, it’s just that they are hidden away quite effectively. Les, is there a wiki module for EE? Just curious.

  4. Not as far as I am aware as of yet. I was going to make the FAQ via a sub-blog and a custom template, but there are a few small wiki’s out there that I could make use of instead if you think it’d be useful.

  5. Oh, I’m just curious. I have this weird idea of creating not one, but two FAQs in parallel, with each side maintaining their own. If you then put definitions and arguments side by side, who knows…

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