Looks like we’ve attracted some attention.

Noticed a spike in traffic to Brock’s entry about the nutcases behind Christian Exodus.com and I followed the link back to this post in their forums where someone mentioned they stumbled across our little home on the web. The comments are along the lines of what you’d expect: We’re morons, blissfully ignorant (I wish), blind drunk, too stoned to notice or just insane. We’re embroiled in hate speech, and not discussing the idea maturely (it’s hard to discuss immature ideas maturely), there’s a lot of anger pouring out of us, and we don’t know what love is. But the comment that really made me laugh was the following by Sam:

These are the people that will be in charge of rounding us up to martyr us in the near future. Praise the LORD it is coming soon!

And they think we’re insane? Hey, at least we’re not trying to get everyone of like-mind to move to a single state in hopes of seceding from the Union. What makes these people think I’d waste my time and energy in something as pointless as martyring them?  What a paranoid bunch of loons.

Oh, and we swear a lot too here. Just thought you should be warned in case you’re not mature enough to handle that.

28 thoughts on “Looks like we’ve attracted some attention.

  1. Les, I must compliment you on how well you handle situations like this one. You are often intelligent in your replies, and logical in your thoughts, and even handed in your criticism. You know what these people are about, and treat them often better than you should.

    I think in many ways you uphold “Christian” values far better than those who are believers.

  2. Thanks, I do try. Though I will be the first to admit that I’ve lost my cool and made a major ass out of myself from time to time as well. I am only human. grin

  3. Well, I’ll be the first to title myself one of [Jon] Stewart’s Stoned Slackers [tm] … wink

    Speaking of martyrdom:  my mom made an interesting observation about Mel Gibson.  She said that he seemed to have a death wish, as so many of his movies featured himself as martyr or suicidal … and when he was asked about criticism concerning The Passion of the Christ, he said something to the effect of, “Some people will want to kill me,” which is ridiculous.  Unless you would like to be that important …

  4. The moderator there said:
    “There’s a good bit of foul language on the site referred to above [SEB], so be prepared, if you decide to check it out.”

    Fucking A there is, fucktard Christian Exodus fucking idiot fuckers. Read this and have a fucking stroke you simple minded fuckaroos! You wanna call someone fucking hateful, stand on your pointy heads and look up. Or better yet stand on each other’s heads, making one tall ass totem pole, and look down. Oops did most of you fall off when you did that? Then use your brains for more than just recording devices. If you really put effort into it you might finally get a fucking clue! The whole fucking lot of you are pathetic fucking rubber stamps.

    I mean, what the fuck?

  5. I went back and reread Brock’s initial post and all I can say is, Wow!  If the gang over at CE found that hateful and moronic it makes me wonder how often they get out.  I found the post rather mild mannered considering the absurdity of the topic and some of the other silliness (radon mine) we’ve delved into.

    What continues to baffle me is that these so called blessed and peaceful people who will spend all eternity at the feet of Christ, cannot figure out how to be happy for the 60-70 years they’re here on this planet.  One would think they’d just shut up and slap a shit eating grin on their faces and set a good example.

    Of all the believers I’ve encountered, I can count on one-hand the number of them that I’ve actually admired and looked at their lives as fine examples.  I’d be a lot happier if Christians spent more time with their proverbial light shining and their mouths closed.

  6. After reading this (certainly small) part of their forum, I wonder if they discuss anything inside there. To me it just seemed like they were occupied slapping each other on the back and nodding whenever someone cited one of the dogmas.

  7. These are the people that will be in charge of rounding us up to martyr us in the near future.

    Hey, everybody’s got to have a hobby.

    No, but, seriously … well, never mind, no way one can even comment on this in all seriousness.  Just that fringers of all sorts usually worry about being rounded up into martyr camps (though only religious fringers seem look upon it as a good thing).

  8. We’re going to be the ones in charge of rounding them up for matyrdom? Uh… do we HAVE to? I mean, I’m not really all that motivated, and what with not sleeping much this week on account of the Sox games, I’m pretty tired. Would you guys mind that much if I sit this one out?

    On a serious note, what is it with these types and their obsession with being matyrs? It’s like they can’t stand the thought of being normal human beings. They desperately want to suffer for their beliefs. Why? What is it they need to prove to themselves.

  9. First, Les, thanks for answering my question about FireFox.

    Second, I just spent almost two hours reading through http://www.christianexodus.com, and while the site is generally entertaining (the “defense of the family” forum is particularly fun), I have to say that movements like this should also be cause for grave concern.  People may recall that back in the mid-80’s, followers of the Guru Rajneesh took over a small town in Oregon and ran out most of the residents.  It looks like ChristianExodus has similar plans for South Carolina.  Yikes!

  10. Berez, if your big idol is a martyr, and you are really feeling sinful all the time (because you’re religion is built that way) why not want to get rid of all your guilt by follwoing his example? Or at least talking a lot about it.

    Come to think of it, in *this* case I prefer the people who are only talking, not doing.

  11. Here’s something heartening in all this. This comes from their site:

    How much more proof do the Southern Baptists need to convince them that Bush does not support traditional marriage as God intended nor is he pro life? Good grief. He has attended a pro-homosexual, pro-abortion church all his adult life.

    Consider these facts. The marriage amendment is a Trojan horse. It will help complete the destruction of marriage, not save it. Through our ignorance or wishful thinking we aid the enemy. Bush has also increased the funding to Planned Parenthood. His administration has not saved one baby’s life. While governor he named a highway after a baby killer who killed women in the process. The abortionist’s father was a Texas Democrat. This baby killer is on a list of the country’s most notorious doctors. Christians need to wake up and deal with the truth. They have been bushwhacked.

    You want to save marriage? Follow the Constitution, Article III section 2, and elect representatives who will impeach unconstitutional judges and reign in their jurisdiction. Former Chief Justice Roy Moore’s Constitutional Restoration Act is a step in the right direction.

    Now that would be nice. The right’s own Naderites not voting for Bus because he isn’t fucking radical enough for them. I hope many of them stay true to their beliefs and abstain from voting for him!

  12. These are the people that will be in charge of rounding us up to martyr us in the near future.

    Curses! Those wily bastards at Christian Exodus are on to our super-secret third-quarter 2006 plan supporting the secret domination of the world by the Evil Atheist Conspiracy! As you know, the EAC and it’s Martyrdon Division are on-target for the planned rounding-up of wack-job Christians to create a large number of martyrs that will throw the world into chaos! Chaos, I say! Mua-ha-ha-ha!

    We shall have to change our plans slightly and discredit a few of the smarter troublemakers over there. All Black Helicopter pilots and crew please report to your duty stations immediately. And remember, the proper answer to all nosy questions is “What black helicopters?”

    That is all.

    Brought to you by the EAC. Our motto: We don’t exist.

  13. What would really make this interesting is if their website was re-written to say “Muslim” rather than “Christian” and “Allah” instead of “God.” Now that would be fun. But I’m pretty sure law enforcement guides state that delusion is no cause for alarm, whereas delusional with a plan is only a real threat when associated with certain people.

    Don’t these cults end up knocking themselves off to catch the next ride on the mothership anyway?

    Fucking Brock. I so much fucking enjoy you! “Fucktard.”  LOL

  14. I just emailed the following to their ‘info’ address:

    To whom it may concern:

    How about that, you have all of what your website states going for you and you still cannot get the totalitarian theocracy complete with morality police that you wish for. How is that possible? Do you think maybe the political assets you claim are simply using your ilk for political gains related to power and wealth acquisition?

    How about a real exodus, like overseas, I hear there is an excellent group doing God’s work in Africa called the Lord’s Resistance Army. I know they are a little radical doing such things as kidnapping children to train as soldiers or use as sex slaves but since God has not smitten them they must be God approved.

    Thank you for continuing the wonderful peace and enlightenment that religion has brought to the world today and throughout history. Regarding your exodus; good luck with that, only please think further away.



  15. Of all the believers I’ve encountered, I can count on one-hand the number of them that I’ve actually admired and looked at their lives as fine examples.  I’d be a lot happier if Christians spent more time with their proverbial light shining and their mouths closed.

    That’s because believers who do live exemplary lives without shooting their self-righteous mouths off are probably not know to you as Christians.  You probably just know them as “good people.”  That’s why Jesus forbade making a big religious spectacle of yourself in public. (Matthew 6:6-18)

    The church MrsDOF attends has a lot of good people in it but they would probably not be recognized by the ChristianExodus fucktards as “Christians.”  It’s obvious to everyone else, though.

    Ingolfson is right – not much discussion going on there.  It’s more like a system with positive feedback – think of a microphone in front of the speaker it controls.  All noise and no signal:

    fucktard 1: “Paranoid delusional extremist rant!”
    fucktard 2: “Yeah!  Only more so!”
    fucktard 3: “Right on!  Plus some more!”

    (Les, if this comment shows up twice, please delete one – something happened when I tried to submit so I retyped it.  Thanks!)

  16. Well, I was going to spew forth blatant profanity, but it looks like Brock beat me to it.  So what am I to do….but do it anyway!

    What…the…fuck!  You’re fucking not even going to fucking martyr me even with all the fucking time I spent fucking around with all ya’ll fucking heathens?  The least you could fucking do is fucking martyr me, God only fucking knows I could use a good mother-fucking stoning.  In the old fucking days, you get the fuck out of line, they take you the fuck outside the fucking city limits, and fucking stone you.  These days they fucking try and fucking rehabilitate you.  Fuckton of good that does anyone.  Fucking heathens.  Why the fuck would you fucking try and rehabilitate you when we can have a fucking good ol’ fucking fashioned fucking stoning.  Next thing you heathens’ll fucking want is for fucking abortion to be fucking legalized, fucking after that it’ll be fucking alcohol, cigarettes, and mohter-fucking pot.  Goddamn fucking heathens. 

    I would like to point out that while I do cuss, I do hyphenate my swear words relating parents accordingly.  I would also like to duly hope that soon we’ll Google bomb our way to the top of the search for the word ‘Fuck’ just like the Albino Black Sheep forums did for a time with the word ‘buttsechs’.  Good times, good times. 


  17. Oh, and BTW…the above was posted by a ‘Christian’….or at least someone who tries to live an exemplary life (words are just words you fucktards, they don’t hurt you if you don’t let them).  I also have a sense of irony, sarcasm, and a rather twisted sense of humour. 

    BTW, are these actually FORUMS?  If so, I will honestly have to go raise some holy hell over there….Jesus style (i.e.  No cussing, no bad behaviour, just pointing out the hypocrisy, fallacies, and general stupidity of their ways)!  wink 

    One more thing I should’ve said in the first post but didn’t, is that Jeff is exactly right.  As much as he must hate it, Les is more ‘Christian’ than 90% of the ‘Christians’ which is really scary in a way, but also very, very sad.  He’s a better guy than me…that’s for sure.  smile

  18. You know, I really did want to prove to them how wrong they were, regardless of whether they believe it or not, I get a kick out of that sort of thing.  I really wanted to back up how stupid they are with their own bible’s quotes.  But unfortunately, I guess you now need to give them your address, your word that you support them, etc….to even talk to them.  Not very Christlike if you ask me, considering that Jesus hung out with Hookers and Thieves (literally).  Jesus was THE MAN (regardless of whether he was actually God in the flesh).  These tools are not (tools is meant as a tool of whatever they answer to, not the common vernacular vulgarity).

  19. I don’t hate being told that I’m more ‘Christian’ than many who profess to be such. If being Christian is considered a good thing by the person who’s saying it then how could I consider it anything other than the highest of compliments regardless of what my religious viewpoint happens to be? It’s a compliment and I’m flattered you think it applies to me.

  20. These are the people that will be in charge of rounding us up to martyr us in the near future. Praise the LORD it is coming soon!

    We’re rounding them up? Reading their extremist sites, I came to the inescapable conclusion that the opposite was highly possible: them rounding us up in the classic Crusader “Convert or Die” scenario.

    But they don’t understand the evolution from ‘convert or die’ to ‘live and let live’ because ‘evolution’- including that of thought and deed- isn’t part of their mindset. The world has evolved since Biblical times. The ‘crusaders’ among them want to roll it back.


  21. Hi, my two-cents worth, in my ill spent youth I was frequently between jobs. My next door neighbor took pity on me when I was evicted from my room and took me in. He was, as I came to learn, a Fundamentalist.
    But he never pushed me to change my beliefs, (I didn’t have any) he just let me be. Now this was twenty years ago, and he himself had been a drunkin-druggie, but he always impressed me by the way he went about teaching people about his changed life. Sadly he passed away befor the latest mumbo-jumbo fundies became prevalent. When I asked him why he didn’t try to push me into being saved, He said that wasn’t his job, his job he said, was to support the people who came to him for guidance on the path to change.
    Those people, who spout such nonsense, are already in their man-made hell. What is really funny (in an Ironic way) is when they get some cronic or terminal disease they will move any mountain spend any money for a little bit more life. Professional martyrs are the last to embrace death with dignity.

  22. I have to agree with you Larkin.  I find most of these idiots are people who were brought up in religion, or at least have never had any serious strife in their lifetime that they had to overcome.  The Christians I’ve been able to respect the most are the ones who, as your aformentioned example, have had an addiction problem, a temper, anything really that’s made them have to actually try at life.  Myself, I’ve had some of that, but even so, having been brought up in a fundamentally religious family, which ironically enough is like your above example…but don’t stand up against the others.  It’s hard to break your old beliefs….when they’ve been programmed into you from a young age.  I’ve honestly come to believe that most organized religion is a tool of man…plain and simple.  A control mechanism.  oh oh

  23. Fuckety fuck fuckin’ fuck!
    Really, I just wanted to say,
    That is the first time I think I have ever said fuck on SEB.  Just for good measure, I’ll say it again: FUCK!

  24. You know, I’ve never quite understood the fear of certain “foul” language. Think on it for a moment, the idea that a word can evoke such hatred and fear is absolutely ridiculous. Besides, I can say with almost absolute certainty that these people have not only used this kind of language but they probably learned it from their own family.

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