I’m a “naked boobies” authority it would seem.

According to Google at least. Go type in naked boobies into Google and SEB ends up as the 9th link. Amazingly enough it’s a very old entry from back when I first started blogging about the reaction some folks were having to the Rack Browser which was a collection of links to various blogs that involved images of near-naked or naked boobies of the blog’s owner. The project was originally started by HooptyMike, but both his blog and the Rack Browser appear to have gone the way of the DoDo only to have been replaced with, of all things, a “mega-site of Bible, Christian and religious information & studies” page called “Abundant Bible.”

Anyway, I just thought it was cool that SEB is the number 9 link for the search term “Naked Boobies” so I thought I’d try to cement my position by writing an entry that contained the phrase “Naked Boobies” in it several times. Why? Just to annoy the folks searching through Google for free porn by typing in “Naked Boobies.”

OK, I’m done now.

naked boobies! naked boobies! naked boobies! naked boobies!

20 thoughts on “I’m a “naked boobies” authority it would seem.

  1. First a comment, then a question.

    Comment: You are now listed number 3 in the “naked boobies” search. Moving on up!

    Question: How is it that you came about this nifty little bit of knowledge?

  2. I think it’s obvious how he came about this information Ares, Google is the poor man’s source for pr0n you know.  That and Usenet.  smile

  3. Lemme help here:

    Naked boobies!  Naked boobies!  Naked boobies!  Naked boobies!  Naked boobies!  Naked boobies!

    You’re welcome!

    tongue wink

  4. Are we talking YOUR naked boobies, Les…or female naked boobies??

    Whose naked boobies are the naked boobies referring to?????

    There…that’ll bump it up a bit raspberry

  5. Are we talking YOUR naked boobies, Les…or female naked boobies??

    Great, now I’ll be cleaning Cheerios off my keyboard all morning.

    SEB drops to somewhere around 3,400,000 on the search for family friendly sites.

  6. No! No!  You’ve got it all wrong!  A booby is a kind of seabird.  Of course it’s naked…birds don’t wear clothes!—- you booby!

  7. How did I find out about it? While I won’t deny that I’ve done my own share of p0rn searches on Google, this bit was found via my referrers file. I tend to go through it on a regular basis to weed out URLs from porn and gambling sites that ping me simply so they’ll show up in my referrer log without actually sending me any visitors. It lists off all the people who come here via Google along with the search terms that brought them. Makes for fascinating reading when I’m stunningly bored at work.

    As for which naked boobies they’re coming to see I’m going to assume they’re looking for the attractive female kind. Though I do technically have a picture of my naked boobies on the site from last year’s Blogathon:

    Click for a bigger pic!
  8. Suuuuuure you were doing research typing in ‘naked boobies’.

    That reminds me of a joke. Why do women have boobs?

    So you got something look at while you’re talking to ‘em!/ Heh, I’m a girl and I find it funny.

  9. Science Goddess is right of course.
    Dr Smith from Lost In Space was always saying to The Robot, “You bubble-headed booby!”

    Oh, and sorry to deadscot, next time eat something that can be licked out of the keyboard.

  10. You rank #1 on google now.

    Ha, Guess your boobies are the most popular ones in the whole of the digital world.

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