I have new socks.

That probably doesn’t sound like the sort of thing that one would blog about, but these are worth it because they’re so hard to come by. The last time I got new socks was two years ago on my wedding anniversary. The reason is because I’m very picky about my clothes. On most things I’m pretty laid back, but I’ve always been very picky about what clothes I wear. If something makes me the least bit uncomfortable and I don’t have to wear it for some sort of special occasion then I generally won’t wear it at all. I’m so pathetic that not only will certain materials, such as wool, bug the hell out of me, but sometimes even the weave of fabrics I do wear can be enough to make it impossible for me to wear the item in question. Shirts are the worst, pants a close second, followed by socks. In my teens I was quite happy wearing your typical athletic tube socks, but somewhere along the way my mother introduced me to The World’s Softest Socks and I’ve had a hard time putting anything else on my feet ever since.

The problem is that the only place I know of in Michigan to buy these damned socks is a store called Socks Galore up at the Prime Outlets in Birch Run, Michigan, which is a good hour and a half from where I live in Canton. Apparently the socks are made by Crescent Hosiery, a company I’ve never even heard of before, and the last time I tried to find these damned socks online I wasn’t able to dig up any links, but this morning (as you can see) I managed to find a link straight to the manufacturer where they will sell you the socks online. This makes me very happy indeed as the last time I bought new socks was two and a half years ago when Anne and I spent our first anniversary in Frankenmuth and stopped by Birch Run on the way home. As you can imagine those socks are starting to develop more than a few holes by now so when we went up to visit with Momma this past weekend we found out that they’re about 10 minutes away from the Prime Outlets so we dragged Mom out with us and made a run for some socks. I got a bonus in that Mom had bought some awhile back that were too big for her so she gave them to me and I ended up with 4 more pairs on top of the 15 we bought while at the store.

What’s amazing about these socks is that they’re completely synthetic being a blend of Orelle® Ultra Soft Acrylic (85%) and Nylon (15%). The company claims that they’re like “walking on clouds” and I must say that it’s a very apt description. I am totally spoiled by these socks and it amazes me that they’re not more readily available.  Which is part of why I’m blogging about them. Got to get the word out so I don’t have to go through so much trouble tracking these damned things down. These should be sold at every Walmart or Target or similar stores in existence. Can’t live without these socks. They make my feet happy.

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  1. Sold!!! My kids make endless fun of me due to how particular I am about my socks and other clothing. I would rather go w/o socks than be tortured with ones that just don’t cut it. I have never heard of these and after reading your post I went directly to thier site and ordered for the whole family.

    I am going to contact them, direct them to this post and strongly suggest that they provide you with a new pair for every two they sell!

  2. This brand of socks have been in my dresser since Les was in his twenties.  I have purchased four pairs of another brand last year and promptly gave them away after wearing them twice.  If you want comfort and durability you have to try them.

  3. They sounds like mighty nice socks, but how warm are they?  I’ve got some good friends that live in a 120 year old house and I love visiting them but in the winter my feet freeze while I’m there.  So I’ve been looking for warm pair of socks to wear whenever I head out to their place.

  4. Well they’re not thermal socks, but they seem to do a decent job of keeping my feet warm otherwise. If nothing else at least my feet are comfortable as they freeze off.

  5. I’m the kind of person that walks around with cold feet year round and I like them to wear around the house instead of slippers or shoes.  I don’t like them in shoes because they are too fluffy and my shoes feel weird.  I only have one pair, but I like them!

  6. Thanks for the mention—I am super weird about socks and was glad to find a mention of socks that someone also is “fussy” about socks likes and are not cotton or wool. Thanks for the online link, too, since I ordered them right away and didn’t have to ask my parents to get some for me next time they are at Birch Run (they live in Oscoda, and every time my Mom gets severely shopping deprived, they head to Birch Run). The discount is pretty cool, too!

  7. Boy, I guess I’m not alone!  I woke up this morning and lamented about the sorry state of my softest socks and that I wasn’t going to birch run anytime soon.  I really haven’t worn any other sock for about ten years.  I can’t help it. I’m hooked.  So it was off to google to find some and I was your blog.  I could have wrote it.  One final sock comment.  Although I still like the WSS brand, I was disappointed that they redesigned their original sock oh about 5 years ago.  They’re thinner and more stretchy now.  Still better than anything else.

  8. It’s been two and a half years since I wrote this entry and it’s all still true. I love these socks and won’t wear anything else on my feet.

  9. I love these socks and won’t wear anything else on my feet.

    Yuk. Wash them, in the name of all that is Holy- two years is just too long!

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