I don’t know about you guys…

…but I can’t wait for this election to take place. Between the non-stop commercials on TV because we’re a “battleground state” to the near constant pre-recorded telephone ads on my answering machine it’s getting to the point that I don’t care who the hell wins I just want it to be done and over with. Oh and junk-mail-aplenty too. I can’t remember a previous election where I’ve gotten bombarded so heavily with political ads. I don’t even watch that much TV so if I’m noticing it there it’s got to be bad.

Though I must say the Republicans in Michigan must be worried they’re going to lose the state because the junk mail and telephone messages from them are running about 2 to 1 over the Democrats efforts. Which really doesn’t do much to endear them to me.

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  1. What’s scary about this, is that their opinions are only different on a couple issues, that really aren’t all that important in my mind.  Kerry is definitely the better of the two, but I think both of them will run the country pretty much the same.  I’d vote for Nader if I didn’t miss the election by a few months.  🙁

  2. I’m with you Les. I’m so sick of these lying, cheating bastards that I’ll probably never pay attention to this shit again. I guess I’ll go back to 24 hours/day of sci-fi instead of the politics and “news” shows.

    PS. I’m not even in a battleground state!

  3. I feel your pain Les.  I’m in another of the battleground states (Iowa), only I’m getting practically drowned with Republican propoganda and barely seeing anything from the Kerry side.  However since I’m anti-Bush; I don’t mind too much that the Repubs are wasting their money trying to convert me as that means they’ve got less money to convert those people who are still undecided.  smile

  4. As I live in a nonbattlegroundstate, New York, where if the Dem’s lose, John Kerry should just go on national Television and gut himself on the front lawn of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

    I almost wish that they wanted to even court my vote.. anyone… wink

    Dinner, a movie, and some KY before they screw us would be nice as well wink

    Hell, we hardly see any TV commercials here in NYC


  5. Well, up here in the Peoples’ Republika of Massachusetts things are progressing according to plan, or our Five Year Plan that is.  Only a few minor adjustment have been necessary.  So, the coup should be rather swift in the early morning of 3-Nov.

    All i hope is that, unlike 2000’s election, we have some arrests this time around.  Enough of those court battles thingys.  A few timely arrests would dramatically simplify the whole matter.

    I hear lists are already being passed around, and homes of various Republicans, or those suspected of being such, marked.

    So, be careful how you vote this year.
    It might come back and haunt you.

    .rob adams (is voting the safe choice, Democrat)

  6. Even as a self-proclaimed political junkie, I am looking forward to the end of the election season.  It really has been a bit of overkill with the constant barrage of campaign ads and the 24 hour media coverage.

    Down here in Texas we haven’t had to endure the campaign ads on television, but ability to carry on an intelligent discussion of the issues is seriously hampered by the myopic views held by many of the ‘died-in-the-wool’ conservatives down here.  I swear some of these people decided they were going to re-elect Bush back in 2001 and nothing would change their mind short of him burning down a church while on a tequila bender.

    One unique thing about the ads that do run here is that they are incredibly sappy.  They usually have George and Laura together talking about the great things they’re doing for our kids and the country in between invasions.  It’s as if to say ‘look at what a smart choice y’all made.’  Bush was carrying Texas by almost 76% but it looks as if it will be more like 60%-65% come election.

  7. In a cultural era of IWantFun!MoreFunDammit! i think that this election’s big coup will be the influence of under under 18-25 age bracket.

    I can’t find the source he quotes (i admit i only did a straight text-quoted search), but this blogged makes an interesting point:

    Although i’m not in that bracket, (35-40, like i watched Jabberwoky and RomperRoom on WCVB(http://www.tvparty.com/lostboston.html), Superfriends’ HallofJustice, and StarBlazers on UHF) i, too, don’t own a heterophone/landline.  I use one phone, everywhere, my mobile.  And i’ve never, ever been called for a survey, advert, etc.—even though i regularly use it to register for this or that service.  I, like many of this now-politically-activated age bracket, fall (safely) outside their researching range.

    I also know for a fact that BlackAmericans are really charged up in this election, being constantly reminded: “This is the most important election of your life.”  And, this year, Floridian Republicans aren’t handing them pamphlets reminding them to vote 16-November.

    I dunno, but i’m getting a sense this election just might not be as hair-thin on the (popular or electoral) numbers.  I think it very well might be a decisive win for our President Kerry.


  8. I know what you mean, except in my part of Iowa it’s the Kerry camp which looks and sounds desperate in their phonecalls. The worst part is, that they can’t keep their lists straight. Not one hour after one office had called, the same office (and caller) called us again. I’ve pretty much stopped watching tv unless it’s food tv or one of the other stations where you’re pretty much guarenteed to go braindead without the political ads.

    I’m afaird of the election in 4 years because I’ll most likely be a new voter and I can already see both camps drool like rabid dogs.

  9. Well, not really. The two are night and day different.  One fought so you can sit at home and blog with a bad attitude about him.  The other has been planted via extream muslims for the past 25 years.  He is a terrorist.  Just look at his history and all the terrorist affiliates he has.  War hero vs. Black extream terrorist.  Not fair of you to even compare.

  10. I’ve been wondering whom to vote for, stacy, and now I know what my choices are: a War Hero, or a Black “extream” terrorist.  Hmmm…. I think I’ll go for the terrorist.

    I hope you don’t my asking: what planet are you from?

  11. Stacy, you’re a fucking dumbass. This entry is from 2004 and the previous election. I’m pretty sure John Kerry isn’t a “black extream terrorist” as you put it.

    At least try to put your idiotic ramblings onto a thread that actually deals with the candidate you’re trying to smear.

  12. One fought so you can sit at home and blog with a bad attitude about him.

    Just out of interest, how does 1)US involvement in Vietnam make the US any safer, given that there was no threat of invasion of the US by the NVA and 2) If it did make a difference, wouldn’t the fact that the US lost and Vietnam re-unified under the North have had that effect?

    Why do I bother- she won’t be back.

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