“How To Vote” - some shameless self promotion

I recently joined a cool filmmaking group called Group101Films. They offer no money or equipment, just a swift kick in the ass for lazy filmmakers like me. We have to make one new film every month for six months, quality not of the highest concern. Its essentially AA for procrastinators, and while Group101 has branches all over the country, its especially popular here in Los Angeles where there really is no excuse to not make a movie or two.

For my first contribution, I decided to make a “get out the vote” PSA (public service announcement), and asked my favorite blogger besides Les to write me something to shoot. Alas, “How To Vote” might be the first film made based on a blog.

Watch “How To Vote”

Its made for anyone who’s thinking twice about voting, for whatever reason, or people who need some advice on who to vote for.

Take a look, and I promise that my next submission to SEB won’t be self-hype material… unless its linking to pornographic video clip between me and the Hilton sisters.

6 thoughts on ““How To Vote” - some shameless self promotion

  1. This is the first chance I’ve gotten to sit down and watch it. It was great! I loved it! It was great seeing Lanelle again too.

    Tell her to drop me an email, dammit!

  2. okay, i never post.  i just lurk in the background of SEB and read all the wonderful posts and comments.  i luff you guys! 😀

    this time, i’m compelled to post.  i’ve so been dreading this election.  i detest bush.  i just happen to not much like kerry, either.  at all.  so have not been looking forward to voting.  am going to have to numb my hand for 2 weeks to pull that lever.

    but hey! then i watched this lil movie…and read the blog entry…and…i can’t *wait* to numb my hand now 😀 i’d vote tomorrow, if i could!

    so…thanks.  glad it was posted here.  am passing the link on, too!  way to go! 😀

  3. Nice work Unsomnambulist! I look forward to seeing more of your efforts ( and I, for one, don’t have a problem with shameless self promotions).

    PS Welcome arin. Don’t be a silent stranger.

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