Happy Halloween 2004!

10 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2004!

  1. Oh sure all of you in the civilised world get to do all the normal Halloween stuff on actual Halloween day. Here in Christofascist West Michigan Halloween is already over.

  2. Les, I saw your Halloween site change (colors) last night but failed to notice your image change until this morning. I am glad I didn’t se it last night or it could have given me nightmares. Nice job!

    Happy Halloween you godless humanist, and I mean that in the best possible way.

  3. Happy Halloween!

    I was working, and as such I’ve sort of missed iut on the celebrations this year. Last year I spent many hours making myself up as a Romero zombie, and scared the living piss out of everybody that came into contact with me.

    *Sigh* There’s always next year.

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