Half-Life 2 has FINALLY gone gold! Hits store shelves November 16th.

OK, I’ve had enough of the depressing entries for one day. Time for some good news in the video game arena: Half-Life 2 has finally gone gold!

LOS ANGELES (October 18, 2004) – Vivendi Universal Games (VU Games) today announced that Half-Life 2, the sequel to one of the most critically acclaimed PC titles in gaming history, will ship to retail outlets around the world in November. The Company confirmed that Half-Life 2, developed by Valve Software, has gone gold with a planned retail street date of November 16, 2004. The countdown to the highly anticipated retail street date has begun around the world, as VU Games completes plans to ship localized versions of Half-Life 2 simultaneously in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Korean, Thai and Japanese.

“Half-Life 2 has surpassed our expectations in every sense – its high-quality graphics, ground-breaking physics and immersive first-person shooter gameplay set a new standard for PC action games,” said Bruce Hack, CEO of VU Games. “Half-Life 2 will go down as one of the best-selling PC titles, and we are thrilled to deliver this ground-breaking title to the worldwide gaming community this fall.”

Hailed as “…the best game ever made” by PC Gamer, Half-Life 2 earned a top-rated review score of 98, the highest score bestowed by the magazine in more than six years. The game has received numerous accolades for its technical excellence, captivating story and addictive game play, including more than 10 awards and nominations at the 2004 Electronic Entertainment Expo. In addition to being named “Best PC Game” by 1up.com (Ziff Davis) and Gamespy.com, the title also received a “Technological Excellence on PC” award from IGN.com. CNNMoney.com stated that “Half-Life 2 will redefine what gamers expect from their games visually – and the gameplay is a lot of fun as well.”

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go off and engage in the SEB HAPPY DANCE for several moments.

Link via Blue’s News.

4 thoughts on “Half-Life 2 has FINALLY gone gold! Hits store shelves November 16th.

  1. Finally something to numb my brain to the caring christian homophobes, the tolerant christian oppressors, and our wonderful god fearing commander in chief. Thank you Half Life 2, thank you!

    PS have you ever noticed that MS word spell check tries to capitalize the word christian but is happy to let Atheist slip right by!!

  2. PS have you ever noticed that MS word spell check tries to capitalize the word christian but is happy to let Atheist slip right by!!

    And well it should.  I vote to ammend the constitution so that it will be illegal to write the word GOD without beginning it with a capital “G” in any instance when the writer is referring to our heavenly Father.  And any program that automatically capitalizes the word “atheist” should be banned.

    Being my oppinion as it is, I also am looking forward to the game Half Life, not quite our Lord and Saviour, but coming pretty close smile.

    Cheers (and all that was just a joke – k?)

  3. Finally. Do you know if it will ‘ship’ earlier on Steam, Les?

    I confess that I’d prefer an uncensored version. had it with fighting strange robots instead of marines in the German versions.

    So I’m wondering if I should preorder on Steam, or maybe on Ebay.Uk…

  4. It won’t ship any earlier on Steam it turns out. Other than come November 16th it’ll be unlocked so you won’t have to run out to the store or wait for it to arrive via mail order to be able to play it. Part of Valve’s contract says they can’t release it to Steam until it hits store shelves.

    Still, the ability to play it the day of the 16th without running to the store is mighty nice. And you get access to Counter-Strike Source now if you preorder on Steam.

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