Florida Voting Machine

“Boom Chicago of Amsterdam made the following video in anticipation of technological advances in US elections.” : Florida Voting Machine*

If you encounter this type of machine, proceed with caution. If you are a resident of Ohio or Florida, disregard this warning as there is no way a vote for Kerry will win him their electoral votes anyway.


*Requires Windows Media Player**

**Nothing I post will require the Real Networks player, EVER!

6 thoughts on “Florida Voting Machine

  1. I’ve already got it too, but its way too fun grin

    Ever notice that its highly unlikely that the right would ever produce something like that? They don’t seem to be much on humor, expect for the caustic kind.

    You’d never expect Bush to make a joke at his own expense – unless it’s supposed to cover up for his real failings grin

  2. If this is the Diebold automated voting machines my post was better.  Simply because Chimps+Computers+Politics=Teh Funnay!  wink

  3. OK, you win, Slick, your post was better. But I didn’t know this is a competition. If it IS a competition, I might as well throw in the towel.
    My stuff sucks too much.

    By the way though, of course Les “frequents” this site. It’s HIS site! Funny how that stuff works, eh wot?

  4. Man, I’m totally brain-dead today. Slick, when you said in your post: A Common Chimp Can Hack The Diebold Voting Machines:  “I know Les frequents this site…”, I took it that you were saying Les frequents SEB, while you meant the site you linked to: Engadget.

    Sorry about my misunderstanding and please forgive me.

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