Flash Game: Bush Royal Rampage!

The President has told us time and again that “dealing with terrorists is hard” and we all know that good help in dealing with hard projects can often be difficult to come by. That’s why when the British Royal family finds itself under attack our uber-macho President decides that if you want something done right the you gotta do it yourself in: Bush Royal Rampage!

Step into the shoes of President Bush and grab your newly re-legalized assault rifle to take out the terrorists running rampant in the streets of London as you lead the Queen of England to safety, but be careful you don’t take out too many innocent bystanders along the way!

1 thought on “Flash Game: Bush Royal Rampage!

  1. I have made a couple of movies that take a little time to download because they are movies, not flash presentations on a website of my own called videocartoonz.com. These movies tell how I fell about Bush and his present administration. Please take time to view them. There are no pop-ups or advertizing just good clean fun.

    1. called Mr. Bush’s Hood at http://www.videocartoonz.com/
    Stop Motion Animation performed by Mr. Bush himself.
    Story line is to show the heavy unrest in our country and the tragic results of that unrest
    through eyes of innocence while Osama Bin Laudin continues to be free. Song lyrics are posted.

    2. called Bushwhacked Way at http://www.videocartoonz.com/cartoonz.htm
    Live Action one take video animation performed by Jim Bullushi
    Story line is to show how or country is being held hostage to the patriot act and or policies
    are being changed to damage our way of life wile Bush gets richer and we get poorer.

    Both short animations are using Microsoft’s Windows Media Player for viewing on the web.
    Both pages open and the download starts immediately after the 3 meg file is downloaded they begin to play.
    These files are clean video files with no additional add ware or files attached. Song lyrics are posted.

    What ever you do please vote in Nov.

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