EA teams with Red vs. Blue guys to show off machinima tools in “The Sims 2.”

I can remember when Electronic Arts first appeared on the video game scene back in 1982 and thinking that they were a very smart company. Today they are the undisputed king kong of video game publishers because they’ve put those smarts to good use by finding innovative ways to promote their products. It was a smart move to include tools in The Sims 2 that allow players to produce their own machinima (short movies made with video games or their engines). It’s an even smarter move to team up with the guys at Rooster Teeth Productions—who produce Red vs. Blue, which is one of the most popular machinima series around —to show off these new tools in The Sims 2.

The Sims 2 undergoes machinima makeover – PC News at GameSpot

Setting an example for The Sims 2 gamers who are interested in creating machinima (wherein games are used to create digital videos), EA has teamed with Rooster Teeth to create a series of machinima that will be posted on a dedicated Web site, www.strangerhood.com.

The first movie from Rooster Teeth went live on the site this morning.

The movies are designed to instruct and inspire Sims 2 gamers to dig in and use the tools available to them. Lucy Bradshaw, executive producer of the game, said in a statement, “The movies we’ve seen from [Rooster Teeth], so far, are amazing. We look forward to showing players out there just how much you can do with our game. The possibilities are endless.”

The link to www.strangerhood.com appears to be broken this morning, but hopefully it’ll be back up and working a little later on. The rest of the Gamespot article includes an interview with Rooster Teeth founder Burnie Burns on their new venture with EA:

GS: What’s it been like working on The Sims and with EA?

BB: Everything so far has been great. Everything we’ve done so far has been lots of fun. When we first started talking about [The Sims 2], they had seen Red vs Blue. EA were fans of Red vs Blue. That helped a lot. It wasn’t just like somebody told them that they should get in contact with us. They contacted us because they liked Red vs Blue. They’ve been very, very cool to us.

GS: How are you approaching the creative challenge? And what are your goals with this new project?

BB: Well, with machinima, you have to work within this limited world. We can’t really go in and make The Sims characters fight with guns or anything like that. That’s something we can do in Halo, but in Halo you can’t put them on a couch or things like that.

When we were writing Red vs Blue over the last year and a half, we’d come up with things that were funny that we wanted to use, some concepts we wanted to make fun of, things that we wanted to parody, but that we just weren’t able to do.

Now, with the strangerhood, we can make fun of sitcoms, make fun of reality shows, poke fun at stuff that we were just not able to in Red vs Blue.

Like I said, EA got to where they are by being smart. I’m a big fan of the Red vs. Blue series and I’m excited that they’re about to start the third season as it’s been pretty consistently funny since the beginning even if you’re not a gamer. I can’t think of a better group to team up with to help promote what is one of the more interesting features in The Sims 2 and I’m looking forward to seeing what they come up with.

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