Dork Tower has incredible timing.

What’s timely about this is that this morning while eating breakfast and watching the local news I saw the first of this season’s ads for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular that runs at the Fox Theater in downtown Detroit, among several other cities, every year. I nearly gagged on my Honey Combs in part because it’s not even November yet and in part because it’s the same sickeningly saccharine commercial they’ve used for the last five years or so and they’re going to repeat it about a bazillion times before the end of the year. I’ve never seen the show and the commercial pretty much ensures I never will. I don’t know why people think the Rockettes are all that amazing anyway.

Now don’t get me wrong: Christmas is probably my favorite time of year despite being an atheist and I have been known to secretly bust out a favorite Christmas CD to listen to in the car as early as September thanks to an unusually cool day putting a hint of winter in the air, but even I will wait until after Halloween before inflicting my love of the season on others.

2 thoughts on “Dork Tower has incredible timing.

  1. Wheeeh! Thank God*. You scared me there, for a moment. I had to recalculate to check if it really was still october. With my project work due in the middle of november, I don’t take kindly to anyone subconciously suggesting I was already too late, no Sir!

    *I really have to find another exclamation. Otherwise they may revoke my membership with the AA (Atheist’s Army). Can anyone suggest a good catch phrase?

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