Is it just me, or has D&D become mainstream?

Heck, here goes another of my ‘I just read this interesting article on yahoo news, and I want to write a post about it’-moments.

Some of you may have noticed that D&D turned 30 this year (I was not aware that it had happened until Gamespy ran a special, but that’s what news sources are for, heh?). So how far has roleplaying come? Apparently enough for the whole article not having anything negative or cautionary in it.

Earlier times, you could always count on such mentions in news containing some warnings about the purported dangers of slipping too deep into the game/into occultism/into worshipping Cthullu or George Bush*. If they didn’t warn about it, they at least mentioned the controversy. Here we have a major news source which totally skips such talk for a positive view of the game that has brought many of us such fond moments.

Well, we do have come a long way from the time my own Grandma asked me about ‘those games’, and when I tried to explain to her that it was okay, she told me ‘Okay, but don’t play too much, okay?’.

*I was just joking about Cthullu. And nobody mention ‘Hastur’, please.


10 thoughts on “Is it just me, or has D&D become mainstream?

  1. At least one religious forum sports a recurring discussion whether or not playing D&D is sinful. Areas of concern is that D&D is demonic and the player character worshipping non-Christian gods is considered as a major problem.

    Then again, these same folks take issue at the naming of the GNU bash shell (Bourne Again Shell), but migrate their PCs to Linus anyway because Microsoft/Gates have donated to a pro-choice organization. My memory might play a trick on me, but I seem to recall that somebody wanted to create a Christian version of D&D.

  2. Sure. There’s even a chick tract about the dangers of playing D&D and its hilarious reading to anyone who knows anything about it (or is still this side of brain-death.

    But they point is – with all the fantasy content of games, movies and so on being so popular, it has finally gone out of fashion to bash it (at least in mainstream media). And I think thats something to celebrate.

  3. One of these days I have to download all the tracts. Pretty much anything they oppose must be a good thing, mustn’t it?

    I have never paid much attention to D&D in the press, so I’ll take your word for it. Well, here’s another quote:

    It is ridiculous claiming that video games influence children. For instance, if Pac-man affected kids born in the eighties, we should by now have a bunch of teenagers who run around in darkened rooms and eat pills while listening to monotonous electronic music.

    Anybody know who to attribute it to?

  4. I believe that quote is from George Carlin although I am not sure. And recently that quote has become true although I doubt because of video games. If you want to see teenagers running around in the dark listening to electronic music and eating pills all you have to do is go to a rave.

  5. I was gonna say that.  Though it should be pointed out that the raver generation came after Pac-Man.

  6. I read that Chick tract and was completely offended.

    I’ve raised literally dozens of characters past seventh level over the years.  And not once, ever was I invited into a secret coven.

    Was I just not evil enough?

  7. I never liked D&D, but that’s probably because I played with adolescent boys who, like in real life, disconnected their brains when confronting mortality.  They’d decide it was a good idea to go into a dark cave, they’d get whacked by a troll or something, and then I’d have to sit around for fifteen minutes while they rolled up new characters.  Repeat ad nauseam.

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