CWShredder lives on.

Back in June I reported the bad news that the author of CWShredder was calling it quits. To anyone who’s experienced the pain of trying to rid their PC of the horror that is “CoolWebSearch” this was very bad news indeed as CWShredder was often the only tool that had any chance of removing this nefarious bit of spyware with any success. Now word comes that CWShredder has been acquired by the folks at InterMute—makers of the SpySubtract spyware removal tool and related products.

InterMute has improved CWShredder, introducing a new version of this popular freeware tool that is more powerful than any prior release, combating new variants of the CoolWebSearch browser hijacker. In addition, InterMute intends to continue refining the valuable capabilities of CWShredder and incorporating its robust protection features into SpySubtract PRO to ensure that SpySubtract is able to defeat future variants of CoolWebSearch as they emerge.

“CoolWebSearch is probably one of the most vicious and hardest to eliminate pieces of spyware circulating on the Internet today,” said Ed English, CEO of InterMute, Inc. “We are proud to offer CWShredder as a free download, and we plan to integrate its powerful functionality into SpySubtract PRO to give our customers the most robust protection available against invasive forms of software.”

InterMute will continue to offer CWShredder for free, as Mr. Bellekom has done in the past. The company also encourages users to upgrade to the full version of SpySubtract PRO in order to enjoy full protection against other forms of spyware.

I’ve not heard of InterMute before so I have no idea how good their products are, but I’m optimistic that this is a positive development. If they can continue to improve CWShredder as well as Mr. Bellekom managed to do then it may very well be worth looking into their other products. I’ll have to do a little looking around to see what I can dig up on this guys.

2 thoughts on “CWShredder lives on.

  1. I’m really glad to see this- when Meijin decided to throw in the towel after wrestling with Cool Web Search for months, my colleagues and I were really saddened. Crapware is our number one plague- mostly from ‘drive-by downloads’ and our members letting their kids play on their laptops. The one good thing about it is that some of the more frustrated legislators who have had to wrestle with this are formulating better ‘teeth’ in current law to crack down on these people. We’ll see what happens.


  2. I’m downloading SpySubtract to try it out, but in the past have been perfectly satisfied with Hijack This – I’ll be surprised if there’s any spyware on my computer.  I’m more than a bit obsessive about keeping it clean.

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