Criticism via user registration at SEB.

When someone registers an account here I get a little email notifying me of it. Most of the time I don’t pay much attention to them, but the screen name on this one caught my eye: RepublicanDemocratChristian. So I took a closer look at the registration and found that someone had decided they thought this would be a good way to pass along a little criticism. The user name for the account was “TheSiteCreatorIsAHatefulDouche” and the email address on the account was:

GodBlessAmerica @ IHaveAtheistFriends ButWebsitesWithCrapLikeThis PromoteAnimoisty BecauseItsMembersAreHatefulMorons .org

Wow. My feelings are hurt. Really. This is such a crushing blow to my ego and sense of self-worth. How will I ever recover from such a clever and witty rejoinder? I guess I should just shut SEB down now and admit that my life is just one big lie.

Right. Like that’s gonna happen.

Hey man, I’m just doin’ my part to piss off the Religious Right and it looks like it’s workin’.

Update: I’ve broken the email address up so it’ll wordwrap in IE and not cause the site’s layout to break.

12 thoughts on “Criticism via user registration at SEB.

  1. Oh I see Servant’s been by your site as well. Looks like he harassed you much longer than he did us, though.

  2. You have no reason to apologize, Rick. Whether they came from your neck of the woods or not doesn’t make you responsible for their actions. I’m not actually offended by it at all. I found it pretty funny actually. But even if I were offended I’d only blame the person who did the offending.

    With a site name like Stupid Evil Bastard it should be obvious that it takes a bit to truly offend me.

  3. i’m with you, ***dave. animoisty just sounds like something we could all dig.

    how about this one: “carey@IHaveAtheistFriendsWhoSometimes

    (line breaks added so it will be sure to wrap)

  4. I used to send messages to a sysadmin friend of mine who I knew would read the ftp logs.  You could log in anonymously, so I would use the password line to write things instead of giving my email address as you were supposed to.

  5. Who was it that said that if you’re pissing them off, you’re getting somewhere?

    I found your log at, where your commentary on her latest essay was featured. I came, I read, I registered.

    I sometimes get ranters and True Believers on my Dark Christianity LJ community who cannot believe that there are really Dominionists and they’re that rabid. *shrug* They’re living in their own little cloud of glory, it seems.


  6. Sunfell, don’t know who said it originally, but it’s been a bumper sticker and a button for quite awhile now. One of my favorites in fact.

    I was quite surprised to see I got a link back from as my entry wasn’t so much a review of the essay per se, but I’m pleased they felt my thoughts warranted a link.

  7. It’s like little children taunting you from behind the fence so you can’t see them. Nice and safe able to spew whatever hatefull drivell they can. 
      It’s kind of like a political add, don’t bother with any facts or research just endlessly spout your position without any reasoned argument to support your position.  It requires no intelectual effort.
      Welcome Rick.  I like having Rick pop in, it means the possiblilty of a more balanced point of view, and should really spice up some threads.

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