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Christmas is coming up again and the guys over at Penny Arcade are at it again.  It’s time for Child’s Play!  Child’s Play is a charity that they set up last year for Seattle Children’s Hospital where people would donate money or toys/games to the hospital.

This year, they’ve expanded to five hospitals, Seattle, Oakland, San Diego, Houston and Washington DC.  Each hospital has its own Amazon wishlist associated with it, feel free to take a look at the site and, if you want to, donate some money via PayPal or buy the kids a gift to make their holidays a little more enjoyable.  Last year, they raised over $250,000.00 in donations for one hospital with only one month’s notice!

This group of video gamers helping impact the lives of sick kids has a warm fuzzy place in my heart.  If you’ve got the inclination, please, please, please feel free to donate to your hospital of choice.  I’ve already donated one copy each of the Powerpuff Girls movie and Finding Nemo but there’s tons of more stuff you can purchase for the kids at all five hospitals.

2 thoughts on “Child’s Play Charities

  1. Wow, thanks for posting this Les!  This charity really does hold a very dear place in my heart and I appreciate the fact that you’re making this available to a larger number of people than I ever could with my blog.

  2. It’s a good cause so I’m all for helping it get a little more attention. Gamers helping kids have a good Christmas? How can I resist?

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