Burn, Halloween, Burn!

I have to admit, maybe Halloween should be relegated to an underground festival, a holiday that people celebrate in private, an annual celebration with a stigma of being evil, a day to celebrate the devil and speak with the undead. With that in mind, I have mixed feelings when I hear about efforts to stop Halloween celebrations in this country even today.

According to an article in the Pictorial Gazette, over near the town I grew up (Old Lyme, CT established 1666)…

An East Hampton elementary school recently banned the school’s popular Halloween parade – a tradition for decades – citing “safety concerns.” School officials said they feared a masked intruder could harm or even snatch a child.

I think writer Erik Hesselberg commented on this perfectly:

Are they thinking of the Osama Bin Laden costume that was the hottest item in Halloween sales a few years back?

(The Hartford Courant has an in depth article on the subject.)

This year, Halloween falls on Sunday. The sabbath. Not surprisingly, some Christians have become upset about this, and have either tried to outright cancel Halloween… or at least reschedule it for another day. Common logic would indicate Saturday night, right? Heck… maybe even the day after, Monday?

Down in the Baton Rouge Louisiana area the Mayor has announced it will be moved to Thursday night.

“We moved it to Thursday because of all the activity in the city, to give the children a chance to go out and Trick-or-Treat.”

Rideau said Thursday was chosen by the Baker City Council because of church services on Sunday, college football on Saturday and high school sports on Friday night.

Uhhh… do they have evening masses on Sundays in Louisiana that would pre-empt trick-or-treating? Have they ever attempted to reschedule professional football games held on Sundays? And, by the way, haven’t they had Halloween on the calendar longer than any of the college or football games they now have to schedule around?

There are other ridiculous efforts to ban Halloween. At Lyme Consolidated Elementary School, where my nephew Drew terrorizes, also in Connecticut, doesn’t celebrate Halloween because they consider it a “Pagan” holiday. To be fair, they don’t celebrate ANY religiously tainted holidays, including Valentines Day. Says Drew’s mom, my sister Patty:

Instead of having Halloween activities, and dressing up for Halloween, they may dress up as one of their favorite characters in a book. Most kids get creative enough and figure that whatever they want to be for Halloween IS somewhere in a book. Like Drew, he is going to be Spider Man. We know there are Spider man books! You do get your occasional geeks who dress up as Mark Twain. They can have a FALL party, equipped with pumpkins and leaves, but aren’t supposed to do much with witches and skeletons.

So they’re allowed to celebrate the season of Autumn… isn’t this considered a little Wiccan?

13 thoughts on “Burn, Halloween, Burn!

  1. Actually, the true sabbath (shabbat) is on Saturday. To this point, IMO, we should ban all celebrations that don’t conform to the nascent, original monotheistic religion:  Judaism!!!

    G-d’s pamphlets are riddled with examples of how heathens cause problems.  Be warned…  (read on).

    These tri-god, Mary/Ghost worshipers are causing America enough trouble with the King of The Universe:  case in point the multiple hurricanes recently seen in America SouthEast (clearly a haven for this heathens).

    If we closed down a number of Sun(day) Worshiping centers (those buildings with phalic symbols so proudly displayed – perverts!), then weather conditions would return to normal, crops would flourish, and our (Jewish) children of True G-d fearing families would finally finally be safe.

    Why are we risking the lives of good children for the sake of heathen children?  Is that moral?  Is that sane?  NO.

    I would like to also stress on a somewhat unrelated tirade, the presence of these Christian pupae in our public schools merely make our proud, clean, kashrut children greater targets for natural catastrophe.  Perhaps it’s time we seperately educate the unclean pupae in what is best termed more “secure” facilities, safely away from the righteous offspring of our communities.

    These Christian Kids are the real problem in our schools, with their eating pork and milkshakes hand in hand.  I can’t think of a better lightning rod for G-d’s wrath upon our pure, innocent off-spring.

    rob@egoz.org says remove the lightning rods from our midsts—or else

  2. I grew up in Louisiana and had friends who attended Saturday night church.  My high school banned the “witch/warlock” contest where the teachers put out jars and who got the most money was witch/warlock.  Banned due to the satanic panic in 1987.  Jeez.  Oh, and one of the area high schools that same year also changed their mascot from the demons to the golden knights.

  3. Oh, yeah – gotta remind the fundies to carve their jeebus punkins for saturday night.

    Like Natalie said,

    Yep – there’s nothing quite like a flaming vegetable with its’ flesh hacked out in the shape of the vehicle of Christ’s demise to scream, “Christians are welcome here!!!

  4. I had an associate who snootily told me that athey didn’t let their kids trick or treat because Hollloween was “pagan” (said with a sneer) holiday. This person was also quite offended when i told them that Christmas and easter were aslo pagan, that eggs and bunnies were pagan symbols and that even the name “easter” was pagan. I doubt that they researched it, afraid I woudl be right.

  5. Rob, once again you crack me up.
    I kind of have to wonder why Fundie groups, a particularly death obsessed bunch (what with the coming apocalypse and all, see Tim LaHaye et al) would be so opposed to parading around skeletons and ghosts one day out of the year.

  6. For what it’s worth, I’m either vaguely pleased or vaguely disappointed that some Christians aren’t the only ones with their religious panties in a wad over Halloween.

    She [a school superintendent] said schools have had complaints from followers of the Wiccan religion who are offended at the way Halloween is celebrated. Hansen said schools are teaching students to be respectful and take account of the discomfort felt by others.  She said that witches with pointy noses are not “respective symbols of the Wiccan religion” and that their district wants to be respectful of that. She said any students who show up in a costume might be sent home.


  7. On the one hand they do kind of have a legitimate complaint as it is supposed to be a pagan holiday, but on the other hand this just shows that no religious group is immune from having assholes in it.

  8. Mrs. Spocko and I celebrate our 20th anniversary on this Halloween. We prefer the original “end of summer” (Sam Hain) meaning of the day but I love the whole “spooky vibe” anyway.

    Funny how a little partying after the year’s work is done can be twisted into so many different things over the millenia. Silly humans! Luckily I”m only half-human! vampire

  9. Wow, congrats to Spocko and Mrs. Spocko!  Did you have a special ceremony appropriate to the holiday when you got married?

  10. Quote:Uhhh… do they have evening masses on Sundays in Louisiana that would pre-empt trick-or-treating?

    uuuhhh, in the area they banned it yes. I actually live in the greater Baton Rouge area and I thought this was stupid. The small tiny town north of BR moved it to a thursday. Big whoop. It wasn’t even a big story here… so I’m not sure why it is on the ‘net.

    There are assholes in EVERY religion, every group, EVERYWHERE. There are so many people offended by everything all the time. Get over it people. Let your kids run around in the streets after dark. If you dont want YOUR kid trick or treating on a sunday (which omg, I’ma Christian, but… it’s asking for candy, not performing satanic rituatls!) then don’t let YOUR kid go trick or treating then. Don’t ruin it for the rest of the sane world who KNOWS that children don’t view this as a satanic or paganistic ritual. If you ask ANY kid what halloween is about, they’ll say the candy. They’ll say nothing about rituals or satan or pagans – unless their parents participate in that sort of activity, in which case their parents won’t care what day halloween is on anyway. I’m talking about the children of parents who want to move it to another day or who want to ban it.
    We might want to remove Valentine’s day as part of the year, too. I mean, after all, it might encourage our preschoolers to have sex rolleyes

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