Being Just One Example Of What I Will Do When I’m Bored

Just for fun one night back in January I created an error page I’d like to see on the internet. If you have a website and you’d like to use this image, feel free. If you do so and receive remarks from it, I’d love to read them.

Then again, probably anyone could do better, but as I’ve said already; I was bored.

PS Les, if you get to feeling better (and I hope you do feel better soon), please turn this into a thumbnail for me and if you really feel better, explain how that is done as I obviously have no clue.

Click for a bigger pic.

10 thoughts on “Being Just One Example Of What I Will Do When I’m Bored

  1. Well done Brock.  Maybe you can post it as a ‘dead’ page and get some church websites to link to it in their on-line bulletins.

    BTW:  It appears you have broken SEB.

  2. This desrves a google “i’m feeling lucky” search entry.  for an example go to google home and enter w”eapons of mass detruction” and Click I am feeling lucky. Nice work

  3. Hey!…………………………………. Keep your Jesus off my penis, Tish! LOL

    BTW, did you know I broke SEB? Yep, apparently it was me who did it.

    Hmmm, I’d better check to see if I left any tags open……

  4. Thanks everyone.

    But I’m going to hell for it, we know that. So, I’ll be sure to leave a forwarding address as soon as I discover where hell actually is.

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