Attempt to suppress the Democratic vote in Ohio.

Over at LawGeek’s blog Jason Schultz has posted a picture of the following fraudulent letter supposedly sent by the Lake County Board of Elections. It was sent to areas populated with largely Democratic residents in Ohio and it claims the recipients may have been registered illegally and thus ineligible to vote with no recourse as the deadline for registration had passed.

This is just one of several different attempts at interfering with the voting process that seem to be taking place around the country. GOP officials have challenged thousands of voter registrations in Ohio alone for the flimsiest of reasons at times. In Las Vegas a company hired to register voters ripped up and trashed any forms that were filled out by Democrats. There are even more examples of this over at the Daily Kos and it all seems to point to a GOP belief that when minorities vote the Democrats win so it’s best to discourage them from voting.

And people wonder why I laugh whenever the Republicans claim to be all about freedom and protecting the democratic way of life…

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  1. Granted that there are any number of reprehensible cases of folks trying to scare off legitimate voters, I do believe that there are plenty of other cases (comparable numbers? who knows? and who cares?) of, ah, “overzealous” voter registration efforts by folks supporting the Dems (and for the same reason, it not being solely a “GOP belief”).

    I want—and insist—on everyone who is eligible to vote being able to.  But only those eligible to vote.  These shenanigans on both sides are nothing new, certainly, but they remain scandalous.

  2. That is your evidence of Democrat voter fraud???  A lawyer in Florida is investigating ACORN paying workers to collect signatures???  Quick call in the national guard!! (oh yeah – I forgot they are busy in Iraq (according to Gulliani – failing in their tasks).

    Maybe I’m just stuck in that “reality-based” world, but it does seem logical to single out the party that is actively attempting voter suppession in minority groups, as opposed to the party that may have registered too many people.

  3. No. Not my evidence.

    “ACORN threw out Republican registrations while paying for Democratic ones”

    Try doing a google news search on “ACORN Fraud.” This was a big news story (even on NPR of all places) last week.

    It’s a basic case of “unclean hands.”

  4. No side is blameless, but we are talking scale here.

    You bring up one single instance, versus the mounting evidence of the Repugnican dirty trick squad.

    Bring a video camera to the polls, and capture on video anyone who is playing dirty or intimidating or breaking the law… any bets on which party will be on camera more often?

    Like I said on my site … bring a friend, and a video camera, to the polls on Tuesday – protect your (and others) Right to Vote.

    It’s hard to be an anti-democracy disinfrancising fscist prick when the cameras are on smile

  5. Forgot to mention:

    If you see anything wrong and do not have a video camera, get on a phone and call the DNC Voter Hotline at 1-866-DNC-VOTE.

    Then call local news media, etc.

    Am I being partisan here … you bet your ass I am smile

    now for the non-partisan rant:
    Now, if you see anyone trying to deter republicans from voting turn them in too… everyone has the right to have their vote counted regardless of their race, economic class, religion, and intelligence or if they are living in reality or a mass hallucination. smile

  6. * whine

    anyway, nobody in involved in politics is squeaky clean.  i’m sure both parties are guilty of things that are less than ethical -it’s the american way.  it’s only wrong if you get caught.

  7. Please notify the Lake County Sheriff’s office if you have any questions.

    “Hi, Lake County Sheriff’s Office. I have a question about the ‘Urgent Advisory’. Consider yourself ‘notified’. Bye.”

    I’m easily amused, I know, but that last line would have raised my brow. Then again, I probably would have shrugged it off as the inevitable trickle-down effect of the stupidity currently fueling the world.  rolleyes

  8. I always love this statement that Dems whine a lot. If my memory serves me right, it was the Repubs whining during the last administration and they were whining about stupid crap. Why would Repubs whine now, when they are in power? No need for Republicans to whine when we’re out there killing and putting the country in debt just like they like it.

  9. Grey, it’s not whining if they have a legitimate complaint.

    I don’t think anyone here would claim that either side can lay claim to being “squeaky clean” as you put it, but that in no way justifies or excuses them either.

    If anything it’s a sign of how poor their political stance really is if they have to resort to trying to trick people into not voting to ensure they’ll win.

  10. perhaps, if it were true…but to chastise the enire republican party’s political stance for an unsubstantiated claim isn’t exactly what i would call fair.  people that read something without hard evidence will believe what they want to believe.  with these same people, i could argue until i’m blue in the face that george bush needs to win the election next week and still not get anywhere -because they’ve already made up their minds.  these same people just search for cr*p like this to justify their cause.  or maybe i’m just ranting ahumada humada. 

    i can’t wait for this election to be over so i can go back to bashing religious zealots.

  11. i can’t wait for this election to be over so i can go back to bashing religious zealots.

    Amen to that wink

    Dems aren’t even close to blameless here.  Sorry, guys.  My wife just lost her ability to vote in this election when the hippie who took her registration apparently “misplaced” it.  I’m not accusing… well, yes I am, because the hippie asked my wife her political affiliation, my wife (stupidly) told her, and apparently Wifey didn’t have the correct answer.

    Yeah, I have no proof, and I know you guys are about to tear me apart for that comment, but I’m still hopping mad and don’t feel like I should NEED proof, knowing how events happened.


    More eloquent whining on my website.

  12. Ben, what happened to your wife is awful and it is symptomatic of a zealot who just doesn’t get it.  A person who is not acting as a good American is not a good Democrat or a good Republican.

    Constitution comes first, then one’s political affiliation.  Dirty tricks are the off-ramp from the moral high ground.

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