Another lock falls victim to the mighty Bic pen.

Ever since word hit the net that those bike locks could be picked with a ballpoint pen it seems there’s been a sort of competition to see how many other tubular style locks are vulnerable to this trick. It seems quite a few of them can be picked in this fashion including those steering wheel locks that seem to be so popular with certain people.

Master Lock steering wheel lock: Picked by a ballpoint pen – Engadget

First it was those Kensington laptop locks. Then it was those Kryptonite bike locks. Now you can add Master Lock steering wheel locks to the list of “secure” locks you can pick with a ballpoint pen. We even have the video to prove it, courtesy of reader Vlad Tepes who sent this little gem in to us.


I think it’s safe to say it’s time to just assume these locks are for shit and avoid purchasing anything that uses them that you really want to keep people out of.

1 thought on “Another lock falls victim to the mighty Bic pen.

  1. I sure as hell hope that was his own car he tested the on, because I could pick that watch out in a line up…

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