A message to the French.

Found via Dave’s Chalkboard who got it from Daily Kos.

8 thoughts on “A message to the French.

  1. Somewhat apropos:  a long time ago I bought a bookshelf set from JC Penney that I had to put together myself.  The assembly instructions included the following:


    Gee, do you suppose anyone ever told them about the English System?

  2. Unless there’s a copycat, this is the second time this happened. Allegedly, it’s a prank employees pulled on the company’s president.

    Yeah, right. Implausible deniability.

  3. Tee-hee.  Eh, it is kinda stupid they don’t use the Metric system.  It’s a helluva lot more efficient than the English system.

  4. Biensur notre president est un idiot, c’est vrai. Mais j’sais pas s’il vais perdre l’election en novembre… aussi ces vêtements se sont très amuses! Je les ai vu eux avant.

  5. Not sure, Melanie. As someone else mentioned, this may not be the only example of this sort of thing happening.

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