A Common Chimp Can Hack The Diebold Voting Machines

All I can say is….oh dear.  I know Les frequents this site, and I also know this is old news, but I hadn’t seen it before, and more importantly I hadn’t seen it posted on SEB. 

All politics aside, we’re 100% for throwing monkeys at gadgets (both literally and figuratively) to see what they can (and can’t) do with them. In this case, Black Box Voting is suggesting that the Diebold voting machines are so flawed that even monkey can 0wn it. Apparently there’s a a hidden black box0like record keeping program that resides on Diebold’s election software—this is already pretty awful, as vote record keeping should always be paper-based. This application is a “secret” feature enabled by a two-digit trigger (not a “bug” or an accidental oversight; it’s a feature), and apparently even an untrained monkey (the real kind) can get in there and manipulate records. So please don’t blame us if we’re spending a little extra time in the booth trying figure this one out, we shouldn’t be more than a couple of minutes (assuming we’re of comparable intelligence with Baxter the monkey who, if allowed into a voting stall, might rule the free world with a simple hack).

From:  Engadget

1 thought on “A Common Chimp Can Hack The Diebold Voting Machines

  1. Yep, I posted about this back on Sept 23rd at the Asylum and it amazes me that it still really has not been picked up by anyone other than myself and a few other smallish blogs.

    I would love to see this story get some play on CNN, … or even better John Stewart … this is perfect for his kind of humor as well…


    A Chimp in the White House and a Chimp hacking the vote … coincidence?

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