Yeah, I’ve had that same reaction at times.

Foxtrot comic for 9/29/2004

I’ve repeatedly mentioned that Foxtrot is consistently one of my favorite syndicated comic strips and today’s strip is another shining example of why. Normally it’s a pretty politically neutral comic, but it appears that the talking heads on the Fox News Channel are even more than Quincy can stomach.


8 thoughts on “Yeah, I’ve had that same reaction at times.

  1. Currently O’Reilly has a number of books on the market. Natalie Beach, a twelve year old, reviewed one of them,The O’Reilly Factor for Kids, for GQ. Her bottom line – boring.

  2. I used to enjoy watching some of the talking heads of yore, on a Sunday morning before a football game.  They were poignant and well read in the political arena.  Not particularly entertaining, but very informative.

    Many of the celebrated news hosts today are little more than political Jerry Springers, seeking to over-dramatize their roles in an effort to garner better ratings.

  3. The following is more of a techical glitch report than a comment on the entry:

    In my browser there is a HUGE empty space between the title of this entry and the cartoon picture file. Is this something that you might want to fix or is it my browser acting up? (I use IE6 – I know, I know – evil – yet so convenient – but anyway).

    kind regards — mike

  4. The local bookstore has a shelf like display in th window so thatthe entire window is filled with book covers and they are all current political books.  It’s disgusting really.  Why must we go back to the propoganda age.

  5. Regarding my earlier supposed “technical glitch report”: 1) I opened your website with Opera and it looks just fine 2) while trying to make a screenshot from IE6 for you (which turns out to be rather difficult since the blank space is so huge) I removed the Favorites bar and -boom- the site looked just fine, so I started playing around with the browser window’s size and found out that this space is inserted only as soon as the cartoon picture edges out of the browser window on the right hand side. Stupid IE6.

    so here is a screenshot of the site in a full size IE6 window,
    this is a screenshot of the head part of the site in a smaller IE6 window – with the space beginning after the title,
    and this is a screenshot of the bottom part of the site in a smaller IE6 window – where the space ends and the entry continues (check out the scroll bar!).

    My apologies for bothering you with weird IE6 issues/errors like this.

    kind regards — mike

  6. Thanks Mike, I did some playing around with it and it definitely looks to be an issue that crops up when the window isn’t big enough. Looks like I need to put a min-width parameter in my CSS. My screen resolution is normally 1280×1024 so I sometimes forget that not everyone sees the site the same way I do. That’s why I’m an HTML hack at best. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I’ll see what I can do to address it.

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